------There were 60 important battles of the War.

He was the hero of Pork Chop Hill wherehe won the Medal of Honor.

It was formallylocated where the Office of Physical Education is now.

CHEATING: A violation of cheating would occur if a Cadet candidatefraudulently acted out of self-interest or assisted another to do sowith the intent to gain or to give an unfair advantage.

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He executedthe large mantel in the Academic board room of Headquarters Buildingwith statues of nine epic heroes as part of this earlier commissionand has done other nationally known work.

Cheatingincludes such acts as plagiarism (presenting someone else's ideas,words, data, or work as one's own without documentation),misrepresentation (failing to document the assistance of another in thepreparation, revision, or proofreading of an assignment), and usingunauthorized notes.

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The Bay Area has always teemed with talent and good attitude, and some of my model luthiers and guiding spirits here have included: Richard Johnston and Frank Ford, who knew fretted instruments well before they opened Gryphon, and Henry Lanini, a superb violinmaker with whom I was privileged to work, and maverick bowmaker John Bolander.

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My cohorts and inspirations back then were bandmates and a circle of craftspeople I had met, most of whom were attached either to the Folklore Center or to the Ode Banjo Company.

Erick Avari was born on April 13, 1952 in Darjeeling, India

A "reasonable length of time" is the time it takes to confrontthe Cadet candidate suspected of the honor violation and decide whetherthe incident was a misunderstanding or a possible violation of the HonorCode.

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I don't know why Denver exactly, but I was hitchhiking and that's where I went, and it was a blessing. I have been a luthier for most of the years since 1963, when I made my first nuts and saddles for pay at the Denver Folklore Center.

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To have violated the honor code, a Cadet candidate must have lied,cheated, stolen, or attempted to do so, or tolerated such action on thepart of another Cadet candidate.

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A few years later he was in Colorado, building banjos for Ode and working at the Denver Folklore Center (though I just missed him there when I moved west in 1963).

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REMEMBER -- the image that you project to your sponsors or others in thecommunity, not only reflect on you, but also on the Prep School, WestPoint and the Army.