US to resume refugee admissions from 11 'high-risk' countries

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Our study has three major findings. First, the incidence of major cardiovascular events was highest in low-income countries, despite the fact that these countries had the lowest risk-factor burden. In contrast, the incidence of nonmajor cardiovascular events was highest in high-income countries. Second, case fatality rates after major cardiovascular events and the rates of death from any cause were highest in low-income countries, intermediate in middle-income countries, and lowest in high-income countries. Third, the rates of major cardiovascular events and the rates of death from any cause were higher in rural communities than in urban communities in middle-income countries and low-income countries, whereas the risk-factor burden was higher in the urban communities than in the rural communities in those countries.

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Certain products and services offered by banks may pose a higher risk of money laundering or terrorist financing depending on the nature of the specific product or service offered. Such products and services may facilitate a higher degree of anonymity, or involve the handling of high volumes of currency or currency equivalents. Some of these products and services are listed below, but the list is not all inclusive:

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We enrolled 156,424 persons from 628 urban and rural communities in 17 countries (3 high-income, 10 middle-income, and 4 low-income countries) and assessed their cardiovascular risk using the INTERHEART Risk Score, a validated score for quantifying risk-factor burden without the use of laboratory testing (with higher scores indicating greater risk-factor burden). Participants were followed for incident cardiovascular disease and death for a mean of 4.1 years.

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Second, we were able to follow only 92.8% of our participants (97.5% of those in high-income countries, 94.4% of those in middle-income countries, and 85.9% of those in low-income countries). Follow-up rates were high in the rural areas of all countries and in the urban areas of high- and middle-income countries but were lower in the urban areas of low-income countries (76.8%). The rates in urban areas of low-income countries may have been lower because some housing areas were demolished or communities dispersed owing to social and economic unrest. Given the small proportion of participants for whom follow-up data were not available, adjustment for the differences observed in INTERHEART risk scores and educational level between participants with and those without follow-up data did not materially alter our conclusions.

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Our study has several limitations. First, it was not considered to be feasible to use strict proportionate sampling in each country; therefore, caution is needed in interpreting our data as being representative of each country. However, the countries included are not atypical with respect to the range of economic levels (Fig. S1 in the ); in addition, the risk-factor levels in each country in the PURE study parallel those in previous studies, the populations that were included in our study were similar to those that were eligible for inclusion, and the rates of death in each household in the 2 years before inclusion in the study correlated closely with national rates of death and with those observed during follow-up (Fig. S3 and S4 in the ).

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In the latest Aon Terrorism and Political Violence Map produced together with , the report found there had been a reduction on country risk ratings globally, but the dangers getting worse in a smaller number of countries.

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Twenty-one countries including saw a reduced risk of terrorism and political violence and South America had the most positive results from the study with no nations perceived to be at increased risk.