Many people use Hispanic and Latino as interchangeable words

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The term also expresses the oppressive treatment felt by many Latin Americans who fell victims to the conquest by Spain?s colonialism and subsequent capitalistic conquest by the United States.

are exposing their lack of awareness as to the history of Mexico and its relationship to the United States.

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The category term of Hispanic was first used in the l980 Census and caused uproar among Latinos in the Southwest, Chicago and New York but accepted in Texas, and Florida.

The terms Hispanic or Latino, used by many to classify the culture continues to be a source of contention because the former implies a connection to ancient Spain and its language while the latter represents a nationality, that of Latin America.

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However, a number of Hispanics also identified as Black, Asian, American Indian or Pacific Islander and over a third of Hispanics, feeling that the current racial classifications used in the U.S. did not identify them, wrote in another race, which resulted in “some other race” becoming the third largest racial group in the United States.

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Apparently many Mexican Americans whose ancestors came to these towns to work on the railroads are incensed with being mistaken for the new immigrant population who also come to this country to work and survive (Newsweek, September 18, 2000).

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Prior to launching Richards/Lerma, Pete led Click Here, a very successful digital agency that has done innovative work for brands like Amstel Light, Chick-fil-A, Casio, Patrón and Travelocity. Pete is the quintessential digital native. However, being a second-generation Mexican-American, Pete has also kept a pulse on his native culture, and he’s intent on raising the bar in Hispanic marketing as well.

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One of the reasons it is hard to categorize Hispanic/Latinos is their geographic distribution—Spanish culture is found in countries on all five of the largest continents. In most of the countries, including Spain and Mexico, Spanish is not the predominant language in large areas of the countries. Likewise, the ethnic composition of countries with Spanish cultures varies considerably—the majority of the population in Chile is descendant from European settlers, while in Bolivia it is from American Indians, and in the Dominican Republic from African slaves.