4,000 BCE Textiles made of hemp are used in China and Turkestan.

2,737 BCE First recorded use of cannabis as medicine by Emperor Shen Neng of China.

It is used by medicinally and ritually as an offering to Shiva.

Cannabinoid Medicines



Epilepsy and other Seizure Disorders

General Health

Gut Dysmotility / GI Diseases



Liver Disease, Liver Failure

Mental Health & Psychiatry

Multiple Sclerosis

Nausea and Vomiting

Neuroprotective Effects and Repair

Osteoperosis Repair

Pain: Neurapathic & Inflammatory, Chronic

Palliative Care, End of Life

Renal Disease, Renal Failure

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1,500 BCE Cannabis cultivated in China for food and fiber.

Scythians cultivate cannabis and use it to weave fine hemp cloth.

1171-1341 During the Ayyubid dynasty of Egypt, Cannabis is introduced by mystic devotees from Syria.
1200 1,001 Nights, an Arabian collection of tales, describes hashish's intoxicating and aphrodisiac properties.

Arab traders bring Cannabis to the Mozambique coast of Africa.
1271-1295 Journeys of Marco Polo in which he gives second-hand reports of the story of Hasan ibn al-Sabbah and his "assassins" using hashish.

Use of hemp products spread throughout northern Europe.

1155-1221 Persian legend of the Sufi master Sheik Haydar's personal discovery of Cannabis and his own alleged invention of hashish with it's subsequent spread to Iraq, Bahrain, Egypt and Syria.

200 BCE Hemp rope appears in Greece.

1846 French physician Moreau publishes Hashish and Mental Illness
1850 Cannabis is added to The U.S.

Chinese Book of Rites mentions hemp fabric.

1850-1915 Marijuana was widely used throughout United States as a medicinal drug and could easily be purchased in pharmacies and general stores.

100 BCE First evidence of hemp paper, invented in China.

1870-1880 First reports of hashish smoking on the Greek mainland.
1890 Greek Department of Interior prohibits importance, cultivation and use of hashish.

47-127 Plutarch mentions Thracians using cannabis as an intoxicant.

Reynolds, chief physician to Queen Victoria, prescribes medical marijuana to her.
1893-1894 The India Hemp Drugs Commission Report is issued.

130-200 Greek physician Galen prescribes medical marijuana.

1910 The Mexican Revolution caused an influx of Mexican immigrants who introduced the habit of recreational use (instead of it's generally medicinal use) into American society.
1914 The Harrison Act in the U.S.

200 First pharmacopoeia of the East lists medical marijuana.

These legends are some of the earliest written tales of the discovery of the inebriating powers of Cannabis and the use of Hashish by a paramilitary organization as a hypnotic (see U.S.