The Battle of Stalingrad - SS - VD: Hitler's Tactical Mistakes

What can we learn from Hitler's mistakes? - …

What can we learn from Hitler's mistakes

Ultimately, Alexander probes deeply into the crucial intersection between Hitler's psyche and military strategy and how his paranoia fatally overwhelmed his acute political shrewdness to answer the most terrifying question: Just how close were the Nazis to victory?

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With an acute eye for detail and his use of clear prose, acclaimed military historian Bevin Alexander goes beyond counterfactual "What if?" history and explores for the first time just how close the Allies were to losing the war. Using beautifully detailed, newly designed maps, How Hitler Could Have Won World War II exquisitely illustrates the important battles and how certain key movements and mistakes by Germany were crucial in determining the war's outcome. Alexander's harrowing study shows how only minor tactical changes in Hitler's military approach could have changed the world we live in today.

Hitler decides to invade Russia before the aerial Battle of Britain is ended. He refuses to consider a major thrust through North Africa to secure Suez and the Middle East. Description of the German seizure of Yugoslavia and Greece.

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The story of Hitler’s final paranoia, his suicide in a Berlin bunker, the rush of Allied forces across Germany, and the final destruction of the Thousand-year Reich.

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There was tragedy, too, as I watched one parachute begin to burn, its helpless charge falling faster and faster. Hard to take, too, were the accidents of identification. I sat helpless with the hard lump of frustration boiling in my chest as I saw below me a 109 latch onto the tail of another of our fighters and then to see them suddenly linked by four straight grey lines as the guns were fired. Quickly the yellow tail of the leading fighter ignited and it rolled out to dive towards the ground. In such tense and charged surroundings such mistakes were inevitable.