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“Overwhelming and devastating. … It will not be possible to write about the Holocaust without taking into account the findings of this extraordinary book.” – Foreign Affairs

To the very end, the ordinary German willfully, faithfully and zealously slaughtered Jews.

Hitler's Willing Executioners: Ordinary Germans and …

1996/03: New York Times

“A basic question posed by students of the Holocaust has to do with the psychology of the ordinary perpetrators of the genocide against the Jews. How, some scholars have asked, did those who carried out the slaughter overcome the moral scruples it would be normal to feel when faced with the annihilation of an entire people, a far-flung people, moreover, that posed no threat to the German homeland.”

1996/04: New York Times

A. M. Rosenthal, former Executive Editor of the New York Times, was moved by Hitler’s Willing Executioners to write: “Twice in my life I have felt that until I wrote about what I had just experienced, I would not be able to bring myself to write about anything else. The first time was in 1958, when I first visited Auschwitz.”

Hitler's Willing Executioners: A Review

After its publication in 1996, Daniel Goldhagen’s PHD Thesis and book Hitler’s Willing Executioners: Ordinary Germans and the Holocaust (Goldhagen, 1996) evoked great public fascination and popular interest, almost more than any other historical research on the Holocaust that came before it....

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Daniel Jonah Goldhagen, author of Hilter’s Willing Executioners, attempts to provide a new approach and new explanations to the perplexing questions left in the aftermath of 1945.

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He concedes the industrial nature of the killing but suggests that, like all industrial activities, it involved a great many people rather than just a few, and that those people should be viewed primarily not as Nazi robots but as ordinary German men and women.

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“It is rare for a book to say something stunningly new and powerful on a subject that some of the greatest minds of our time and the last generation have struggled with. People will be reading Hitler’s Willing Executioners for the next fifty years.” – James E. Scott, Yale University

Hitler s Willing Executioners: Ordinary Germans and …

The effect of these premises is to make the Holocaust a political and not a social event, with the happy consequence that responsibility for it rests squarely on a small number of identifiable political and military operatives and not on the German nation as a whole.

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Though he states his opinion on several occurrences throughout the book, he backs them up with credible facts.
Hitler’s Willing Executioners is well written, easy to read and clearly defined.