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How Democratic Was Britain By 1914

By the summer of 1918, many in Germany saw that the war was finally coming to an end. However, there was not a great deal of light at the end of what must have been a long, dark and blood-soaked tunnel. The devastating loss of human life had had a massive physical and psychological impact on the German nation. They country’s infrastructure had been torn apart by war and the military, monarchy and government had been weakened by the toll of war. The years of 1914-1918 had seen Germany go from being a powerful, industrial nation, to a nation on the brink of collapse and starvation. Prominent figures, industrialists and military leaders were widely vilified and despised. The war ended because Germany did not have the will to go on. In the eyes of many, Germany must have seemed ripe for a revolution.

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A Home Rule Bill was passed in 1912 but crucially it was not brought into law. The Home Rule Act was suspended at the outbreak of World War One in 1914. Many Irish nationalists believed that Home Rule would be granted after the war if they supported the British war effort. John Redmond the leader of the Irish Parliamentary Party encouraged people to join the British forces and many did join. However, a minority of nationalists did not trust the British government leading to one of the most pivotal events in Irish history, the Easter Rising.

The implication was that Britain would wage war as a sea power, which was exactly how Grey made his case to the House of Commons on 3 August 1914.