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How have computers, the internet, e-mail and mobile phones changed your life?

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Computers and mobile phones are not available for everyone because of high costs and critical systems.
The computers, especially the Internet has definitely changed my life.

I am however disenchanted with the modern mania for PCs, Internet, mobiles and computer games etc.

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This just shows how technology influences societies way of thinking. Consumers watch TV on high-definition screens and surf the ever advancing internet none stop, tweeting, gramming and the like. All the while sales men bombard us with subliminal sales pitches from every angle on what we need to fit in our world today. And yes, we all fall for it and smile as stand in line for the iPhone 7.

So much personal interaction has gone that the way humans deal with each other will change irrevocably over the next decade.

How on earth will they have access to the internet???
That the UN summit on technology couldn't agree on how to develop, fund and deliver Internet to the Third World, shouldn't come as a surprise.