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Oscars are less aware than most fish that they are preyanimals. However, in order to feel comfortable, they need to have lotsof hiding places. Oscars like to rearrange their territories, so,unless you don't mind the Oscar moving everything around on you, stickwith large, heavy pieces that will be harder for the Oscar to get ahold of and move. Remember, you should avoid using sharp or rough that your fish may get hurt on,in case your fish dart into them when startled. Like most other fish,they are more comfortable and will come out more and be more active ifyou can provide them with -this means you should make half to three fourths of your fish tankspace hiding places. Providing sufficient cover reduces stress andtherefore improves your Oscar's immune system, reducing chance of .

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Cleaning the inside of the glass is easy enough. Buildup of algae and nondescript “crud” can be removed with a scraper. Such scrapers are manufactured and sold specifically for aquarium care. The buildup is sent into the water column, where the filter will suck it in and remove it from the water.

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You should not need to take all the stuff (plants, , etc.) out of the fish tankwhen you clean it. In fact, I would not recommend it. This justproduces extra work for you and creates a large and unnecessarymess. Remember, every surface in the tank will grow some beneficialbacteria that are part of the . By removing andcleaning the decorations you stress (and may even kill) some of thisbacteria, reducing the quality of your filtration until the filterrecovers.

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Once you have siphoned 10-15% of the water from your tank, you willneed to fill it again. The easiest and neatest way to do this, is touse a siphon to siphon water from a into the tank. This will tendto reduce spilling and messing up the and . Use a bucket that has neverhad detergents or household chemicals in it (I recommend getting a ) and fill it with water. The water should be close to thetemperature of the tank water that you just took out (the averageperson can tell temperature differences within 1/2 degree Fahrenheitor about 1/4 degree Celsius with their hand, so just feel the water tosee if it is the same). Use a to prepare the water for introduction into thetank. Place the bucket somewhere higher than the top of the fishtank, and get your siphon going again and in just a couple of minutes,you should have a full tank. Be sure to watch the siphon, in case thehose gets bumped out of the tank, or if there is enough water in yourbucket to overfill the tank. Remember, there needs to be some spacebetween the top of the water and the aquarium cover, because your fishrely on oxygen exchange at the surface of the water in order to beable to breathe.

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Oscars do best if kept alone. However, you can select as tank matesother large South or Central American Cichlids, though it isimperative that you select ones that are neither too aggressive nortoo passive, as the aggressive ones will beat up your Oscar and thepassive ones will get beaten up... Some of the medium sized can also make good companions for anOscar. If you do want to keep your Oscar with other fish, the fishshould either be raised together or should be moved into a new fishtank together so that none of them have an established territory.

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Do you have to purchase an expensive (and flimsy!) scraper made for aquariums? Well, no. Actually, you can find perfectly adequate scrapers in the housewares department of your local Big Box store, where they are sold as “toilet brushes.” You can find nice toilet brushes with scrubbing pads on the ends, and they are very cheap to purchase. When you purchase it brand new, a toilet brush is perfectly clean and safe, and does an excellent job of reaching down into the aquarium to scrub the glass. But be ABSOLUTELY CERTAIN that this brush is DEDICATED to your aquarium, and do NOT use this brush for any other purpose. You cannot use it to scrub the toilet, or the sink, or the kitchen floor, or it will become contaminated with harsh chemical cleaning agents that can then damage the aquarium. Put this brush under your aquarium, safely tucked away, where it won’t get used for any other purpose.

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What about the outside of the aquarium? Calcium deposits build up on the glass, causing unsightly white streaks to run down the side of the glass. What can you use that will quickly strip these deposits off? If you said “commercial window glass cleaner,” STOP! Most commercial window glass cleaners contain ammonia, and it can kill fish, even if just a slight amount of the spray enters the water. Never use a window glass cleaner containing ammonia around an aquarium.