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Robots - 2018 News and Articles - Robotic Technology

During robotic-assisted surgery, the physician uses small incisions to improve patient outcomes compared to traditional open surgery:

Through the use of robotic technology, our highly skilled surgeons achieve the best possible outcomes for patients while minimizing risk for complications.


Houston Methodist surgeons perform hundreds of robotic procedures each year and use this technology to treat a range of diseases and disorders, including heart disease, prostate cancer, uterine tumors and uterine fibroids.

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Procedures that require high levels of dexterity and precision as well as improved visualization of the surgical field are those selected for robotic-assisted surgery and include some of the following:

Cardiac Robotic Surgery
Mitral valve repair surgery is one of several procedures that can be performed using robotic surgery.

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Patient Benefits
Since its introduction a few years ago, robotic surgery has been used in thousands of procedures, proving its safety and effectiveness.

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