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Title: A History of Impressionism, Great French Paintings from the Clark

Impressionism - Art Style of the 19th Century

Ernest Hoschede, now bankrupt, was forced to sell his collection of Impressionist paintings at the Hotel Drouot where Monet's canvases fetched absurdly low prices.

Title: From Paris: A Taste for Impressionism, Paintings from the Clark

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The exhibition also presents a glimpse of Monet as an intrepid traveller, via a series of brilliant painted impressions of Normandy, the valley of the Seine, Norway and London. But it was to his gardens at Giverny that Monet always returned, and his paintings acquired a grandeur and breathtaking freedom of handling as he and his gardens matured.

- Impression: Sunrise (1873) Musee Marmottan Monet, Paris. - The Boulevard des Capucines (1873) Pushkin Museum of Arts, Moscow.

The 70 works in the exhibition are presented by genre, in order to reveal the range of subject matter and diversity of stylistic approach in French 19th-century art. The groups of works include: landscapes and cityscapes; marine views; genre paintings depicting scenes of everyday life; nudes; still lifes; portraits - including self portraits of artists central to the exhibition such as Renoir and Degas, and paintings reflecting the contemporary interest in Orientalism.

But of the three, he was the greatest exponent of the impressionist painting method: namely to render the play of light on the surface of objects.

Claude Monet, Founder of French Impressionism

In 1883, he settled at Giverny, some 65 km from Paris, where he created his famous water garden, whose Japanese bridge is featured in his work (1919), which was auctioned at Christie's London, in 2008, for £40.9 million ($72 million), making it the world's second most expensive Impressionist painting.

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As the name implies, the Post Impressionism art movement followed on from . As well as being a logical extension of that earlier movement, it was in many ways a rejection of Impressionism's impersonality and strict concern with the effects of light and colour. The Post Impressionism art movement was more interested in a very personal and spiritual form of self expression.

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A participant in five out of the eight Impressionist exhibitions, it was his painting (1872) that gave rise to the movement's name when it was exhibited in 1874.

Impressionism left a legacy to future artists.

The link and debt to Impressionism, though, is very clear. The short strokes of brilliantly coloured paint and the move away from traditional subject matter cleared the way for the Post Impressionist artists to take modern art a stage further and lay the foundations for many modern art movements of the next century.