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Here are a few things to think about if you're considering plastic surgery:

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Plastic surgery can be extremely addictive; people get hooked on the rush or high of being "beautiful" or being just like popular celebrities, often at their own detriment.

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South African doctors enjoy a very good reputation in most parts of the world, and plastic surgeons are no exception. An entire industry of "cosmetic surgery tourism" came about due to this fact, where companies offer "package deals" to tourists involving cosmetic surgery combined with a holiday.

Aside from the details of the procedures, most patients want to know what the various operations cost. Some will "shop around" for the best or lowest total cost for any given procedure. It is important, however, to establish certain details from the prospective surgeon, as no doubt, he / she will need to establish certain details about you, the patient.

Cosmetic surgery in South Africa is considerably cheaper than in the U.K. or U.S.A. This is, in part, due to the extremely weak local currency.

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Body dysmorphic disorder cannot be alleviated by plastic surgery, and can only be addressed by mentally coming to terms with reality.

Social factors also play a large role in plastic surgery addiction.

Plastic Surgery: Vanity in Older Age

People with body dysmorphic disorder will often seek plastic surgery in order to alleviate their distress, but since they have a mental disorder and not a physical one, they will always find something new that is perceived to be "wrong" with them.

Demand for cosmetic plastic surgery continues to increase

The total number of people undergoing cosmetic procedures has skyrocketed by 457% and growing since the statistics began to be recorded, and nearly 11.7 million surgical and non surgical procedures were performed in the year 2007.

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In fact, in 2007 the American Society of Aesthic Surgery reported that almost 13.2 billion dollars was spent on plastic surgery, a 17% increase over the previous year.

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Penis enlargement patients are typically men who are dissatisfied with their penis length or width. It's important to note that some men may feel inadequate, when actually their penis' length and width falls within the population average size—4-6 inches is the average length of an erect penis. This issue of self-perceived inadequacy in terms of penis size is referred to as penile dysmorphic disorder, and is better treated with counseling as opposed to cosmetic surgery.

Do we use plastic in plastic surgery?

1. Type Of Anaesthetic
Most surgeries in my practice are done under deep intravenous sedation combined with local anaesthesia. The exceptions to this are nose jobs and big breast reductions. This is somewhat cheaper than a general anaesthetic, but the major advantage is that patients feel much better after the surgery (less nausea etc) and tend to recover faster. Most facilities charge per minute of time in the operating room, so the longer the surgery, the more you pay!