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Giving children with learning disabilities tasks that they can accomplish helps ..

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The results are chi-square=112.7, 1 degree of freedom, P=3×10−26, meaning that bicyclists who were not wearing a helmet have a higher proportion of head injuries.

The more common causes of head injury in children are ..

What causes difficulty controlling emotions and inappropriate sexual behavior?
This is similar to the question about anger and aggression. Following a brain injury, some people lose appropriate boundaries when they experience sadness, happiness, and sexual feelings. This loss of inhibition and impulse control can result from the location of their brain lesions, or the loss of communication between areas of the brain, like we see in individuals with Diffuse Axonal Injuries. Often a neurologist, psychiatrist or psychologist who specializes in neurological cases is needed to help the person deal with the injury in a healthy way.

What are cognitive problems?
Cognitive problems are specific skill deficits that may occur following a brain injury. Some of the most common cognitive problems are:

What happens to children with severe brain injuries

There are also people who require continued support and assistance in certain aspects of their lives. This support and assistance may come from family members, trained rehabilitation professionals and paraprofessionals. The goal of rehabilitation is to assist each person in returning to a life of independence, self-worth and dignity. As people with brain injury go through the aging process, specialized support services are needed to assist them in maintaining their independence.

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What happens to children with severe brain injuries?
Children with severe brain injury have the advantage of youth on their side. Children can train their brains to replace lost functions more easily than adults can with similar injuries. Yet, brain injury for children can create many cognitive or learning problems. Additionally, psychological and behavioral problems may affect school re-entry and a return to family and peers. Many children require rehabilitation that extends into the school environment to achieve success. Children may experience problems stemming from their brain injury years after the injury has occurred. In some cases, the initial injury has been forgotten or ignored, which can be the cause of inappropriate diagnosis and treatment unless consideration is given to the long-term effects of the initial injury.

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What happens after rehabilitation ends?
For some people rehabilitation is a lifelong process. They may continue to benefit from various rehabilitation therapies to maintain skills and to learn new skills required by their increased independence and community mobility. Many individuals return to their pre-injury roles at home, at work and in the community.

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What are the phases or steps involved in rehabilitation?
No two brain injuries are alike and the course of rehabilitation is different for each participant. Individuals progress through rehabilitation at their own pace and require unique rehabilitation programs. In the acute or medical phase, the emphasis is on enhancing natural recovery and establishing strategies that promote independence. In the post-acute phase, the emphasis is on teaching functional skills and bringing rehabilitation into the individual’s home, work, community and school. Rehabilitation may extend for years beyond a person’s initial injury and changes may occur throughout a person’s lifetime.