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UMSL | Information Systems Degree Programs

Webster Information Systems graduates are electronic problem-solvers who design and implement databases, plan for new and modified information systems, advise on web technology and content, and produce results that move organizations forward.

Information Systems & Applied Business Analytics
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Information Systems are an integral part of today's business environment. However, software and hardware are only effective when the right programs are employed to deliver information to the right people. Webster University's Information Systems program teaches you how to study systems and incorporate technology to make the system fully functional, efficient and user-friendly.

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You probably know that Information Systems graduates are in high demand and are offered some of the highest post-graduate starting salaries. As a network engineers or administrator, systems analyst or integrator, database manager or administrator, or programmer you can choose to work in practically any organization and in any industry. No matter where you go, your degree positions you as a key professional who produces results that enhance organizational performance.

Information Systems Degree Program | Webster University
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