Interview: Growing up Black 1930s in McCulleys Quarters,Alabama

In the 1930s, many English families sent their daughters to finishing school in Nazi Germany

During the 1930s, there had been, ..

Soviet records show that around 1,000 people were still serving sentences for cannibalism in prison camps on the White Sea at the end of the 1930s.

The NAACP’s anti-lynching campaign of the 1930s combined widespread publicity about the causes ..

Students in grades 7-8 will explore the South of the 1930s in the ..

She started acting in school plays in high school and went on to model for various commercial products while still in high school. She signed on to appear in a new television serial produced and directed by Javed Sheikh. She has God gifted qualities. Therefore, she got popularity on TV screen. This would be Resham’s first appearance on a Prime Time TV Serial on PTV, although she has guest hosted the weekly Top 20 Countdown for PTV and Pepsi on quite a few occasions.

The childhood home, dating to the mid-1930s, of singer Johnny Cash in Dyess, Arkansas

The 1930s saw a large increase in the building of parochial halls throughout the country. The local clergy applied successfully for dancing licenses and the money raised became an important source of revenue for parishes and for the government, who took a 25% tax on each ticket sold. The socialising of young men and women at dances would now take place under the strict supervision of the local priest.

It happened in the 1930s

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Many of these complications apply to interviews with ex-slaves. How should students and scholars use the Slave Narrative Collection given that it both illustrates the minds and beliefs of ex-slaves while also reflecting the biases of encounters in the Jim Crow South between white southerners and elderly blacks?

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This section of the report wanders some way from the terms of reference. The committee might equally have concerned itself with housing, education, unemployment or any other matter which might have had an indirect effect on prostitution and immorality. Their suggestions amount almost to a suppression of public dancing.

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@ Gary B. Thanks Gary. Sorry for the delay in responding. You’re absolutely correct in identifying speeches and public meetings as a form of popular entertainment in that period. When you look at the British Pathé newsreels from the 1920s and 1930s the crowds for political debates and speeches were absolutely enormous and footage from the 1932 election shows speakers drawing audiences that filled College Green in Dublin to capacity. It’s an interesting query regarding Hyde. I got the impression that many of the cultural nationalists and politicians who had given their support to the objectives of the campaign, before it kicked off, were merely supporting what they imagined to be a campaign to promote Irish music and culture over imported music, rather than the xenophobic and racist views that the campaign developed.