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Details the early history of printing and how the Gutenberg Bible was printed.

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An earlier version of the telephone had been registered by an Italian-American named Antonio Meucci. He called his device the and used it to talk to his bedridden wife while he was working in a different room. He filed a caveat (a kind of stopgap patent) in 1871, five years before Bell's telephone patent, but couldn't afford to renew it. When Bell's patent was registered in 1876, Meucci sued. He'd sent his original sketches and working models to the lab at Western Union where Bell worked. Meucci died in 1889, while his case against Bell was still under way. As a result, it was Bell, not Meucci, who got the credit for the invention. And he only managed that by a few hours; American inventor Elisha Gray was also developing a system to transmit the human voice and filed his patent on the same day. Gray's patent was the 29th to be recorded on February 14 1876; Bell's was number five.

They stopped when Belland received telephone threats to be fitted with a pair of cement boots.

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Eisenstein / Paperback: 832 pages / Cambridge University Press; (1980)
The work is a full-scale historical treatment of the advent of printing and its importance as an agent of change.

Fleshing out this proposition, Lienhard ransacks 2,000 years of scientific and technological history, cobbling together a quirky biography of the strange being he calls homo technologicus.

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The illegal as well as legal tactics of these suppression actions have encompassed imprisonment on false charges, IRS harassment, burglaries, bribery with huge sums of money, and even murder, if the inventor was too stubborn to heed warnings or undeterred by lesser actions.

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Since then with the advent of the telephone and the internet telegraphs had been rendered usless, usually being sent as a novelty rather then a message.

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As technology of the telephone and the creation of the internet telegrams have seen a study decline falling from 211,971,000 messages handled in 1870 to 69,679,000 messages handled in 1920.

Field telephones are telephones used for military communications

Both Antonio Meucci and Elisha Gray should be credited with successfully inventing telephones in the United States before Alexander Graham Bell “invented” it in 1876. Others who performed pioneering experimental work with electrical voice transmissions over wires included Thomas Edison, Innocenzo Manzetti, Charles Bourseul and Johann Philipp Reis. The telephone, as we know it today, is largely based on improvements made by Thomas Edison on the original design—which was not Bell’s but Meucci’s.

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In effect, the Congressional resolution served only as a declaration and did not technically annul or modify the patent received by Bell in 1876. The resolution was also subsequently followed by another legislative declaration upholding Bell’s priority and his status as the inventor (patent holder) of the telephone.

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In 2001, the United States Congress took the extraordinary decision of doing justice to Meucci, passing a resolution officially according recognition to Meucci as the real inventor of the telephone, stating that “if Meucci had been able to pay the caveat after 1874, no patent could have been issued to . The US Congress further stated that given all the facts of the patent disputes between Gray and Bell, under no terms should Alexander Graham Bell have been awarded the patent for the telephone by the United States Patent and Trademark Office in 1876. Alexander Graham Bell was posthumously stripped of his dubious honor as the inventor of the telephone.