So , this is what humans have come to huh?

 It is clear that SF-IRAwill  stand with the democracies,no matter who they fight.

I doubt that claim is true. What about Zimbabwe?

Dictators… yes, this is a tough one but first off, if you look at what sanctions have done to Iran, which has all the potential for a burgeoning economy, what do you think it would do to Nigeria? Is he to countenance an action that would make their people more destitute? Is he to condemn when his condemnation would give westerners even more moral self-assurance in such an action?

103 Suspected 9-11 Criminal Coconspirators listed here

Yes, Mandela resorted to violence as a response to the ruling, but illegitimate, regime’s use of violence. It is true that when offered a conditional release by PW Botha he did not meet the condition of renouncing violence – but that is not the whole truth. What he said was that he would renounce violence if the government also renounced violence. Of course they wouldn’t and so he didn’t.
The difference between a terrorist and a revolutionary, between a traitor and a freedom fighter is often one of perspective. It’s not enough to say that so and so embraced violence to achieve their ends. George Washington fought a war to gain political freedom. Then he went back to his farm (but did he renounce violence or apologise for having done so?). This is a better parallel for Mandela. Mandela did not rule by means of violence. He came to power via the ballot and notably reined in the security forces after the excesses of the apartheid era.

What we have to remember is despite everything that Nelson Mandela suffered, whatever he was responsible for, he was instrumental in saving our nation from falling into total anarchy.

& what did the Irish & Scottish people do?

Think about it, NM did participate in 156 acts of terror in the beginning years of his careers ss s statesman. These are what you call FACTS. Many of these 156 “events” resulted in the death or maming of thousands of women, children, boys, and men.

Prove what you are saying is right. Follow you’re own advice.

I guess what most of you who worship NM are saying is, “Give terrorists a chance. As they grow older they will see the futility of their ways and they could become great statesman if only they had the time.”

More likely syphillus. that’s what is causing the insanity.

This is not strange y’all. It is essentially what you are saying. So from this point forward, let us not over react to acts of terrorism. Even if a terrorist takes your 10 year old daughter, tortures her, and does everything to make your life miserable, you must resist the temptation to seek revenge. Give it some time, that is, give it several more acts of terrorism;,in this way the actor may turn himself into a statesman, at which point we can all celebrate.

No,it is not. Finally doing what gopers have done for too long.

what? Megapode…. this website is clearly just a website to post garbage and let white supremacist get together and e-release their hate. A white supremacist web-rally. Your statements are all correct of course.

What is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander.

Members of terrorist organisations such as the Stern Gang ended up governing Israel and becoming statespersons. America was governed by people who fought against the government and waged war alongside a country with expansionist aims. One man’s terrorist is another’s freedom fighter.

Insults and tantrums. It’s what the left is all about, really.

As for the whites voting to end apartheid whilst Mandela was in jail, wrong! Mandela was released in 1990, the referendum (I guess that’s what is being referred to) was in 1992.