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They formed military alliances with Austria, Hungry and Germany
It was called The Triple Alliance
It was a very powerful group of countries
• Some Italians led unsuccessful rebellions as nationalism grew.
• Widespread, poverty, unemployment, and rising taxes led to rioting and violence
• Number of social and economic problems.
•Kept all parts of Italy united despite
the differences that distinguished them.
Split into three groups.

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Italy in 1914
This is a chart that shows the positive and negative effects that Nationalism had on Italy
Nationalism in Italy was caused by many things.

Neither objective nor subjective definitions are thus satisfactory, and both are misleading. In any case, agnosticism is the best initial posture of a student in this field, and so this book assumes no definition of what constitutes a nation. As an initial working assumption any sufficiently large body of people whose members regard themselves as members of a 'nation', will be treated as such. However, whether such a body of people does so regard itself cannot be established simply by consulting writers or political spokesmen of organizations claiming the status of 'nation' for it. The appearance of a group of spokesmen for some 'national idea' is not insignificant, but the word 'nation' is today used so widely and imprecisely that the use of the vocabulary of nationalism today may mean very little indeed.