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The key ingredient of the learning organization is in how the organization processes its managerial experiences. A learning organization learns from the experiences rather than being bound by its past experiences. In the learning organization, the ability of the organization and its managers is not measured by what it knows (that is the product of learning), but rather by how it learns — the process of learning. Management practices encourage, recognize, and reward with openness, systemic thinking, creativity, a sense of efficacy, and empathy.

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I was a civil rights activist in the 1960s

The commitment by an individual to the process of learning is known as personal mastery. There is a competitive advantage for the organization over other competiting organizations if the employees of the organization can learn more quickly. Individual learning is acquired through employee’s training, development and continuous self-improvement, however learning cannot be forced upon an individual who is not receptive to learning. Research shows that most learning in the workplace is incidental, rather than the product of formal training. Therefore it is important to develop a culture in the organization where personal mastery is practiced in daily life. A learning organization has been described as the sum of individual learning, but there must be mechanisms for individual learning to be transferred into organizational learning.

branch only, not its international umbrella organization.] In short, World Vision hopes to dodge the division currently "tearing churches apart" over same-sex relationships by solidifying its long-held philosophy as a parachurch organization: to defer to churches and denominations on theological issues, so that it can focus on uniting Christians around serving the poor. Given ...

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Belonged to the world, were of the same spirit and principles with it, and pursued the same practices: the world would love its own; for every like loves its like; the men of the world love each other's persons, company, and conversation: but because ye are not of the world: once they were, being born into it, brought up in it, had their conversation among the men of it, were themselves men of carnal, worldly, principles and practices; but being called by Christ, and becoming his disciples, they were no more of it; and as he was not of the world, so they were not of it, though they were in it.

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People have found the idea of a learning organization to be inspiring, yet difficult to implement. It frequently involves deep change in the mind sets of employees as well as the culture of the organization and the society. Such change does not occur overnight.

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you, withdrawing you for my service, (the two meanings of here differ; the first denotes origin, the second corresponds with the compound in ), I have caused you to break with it, and you are no longer "its own." Just in proportion as you are one with me, you draw upon yourself its hatred of me.

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If any one idea about leadership that has inspired organizations for thousands of years, is the capacity to hold a share picture of the future the organizations seek to create. Such a vision has the power to be uplifting – and to encourage experimentation and innovation. Crucially, it is argued, it can also foster a sense of the long-term vision, something that is fundamental

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Both thoughts are repeated in ; . - - still a part of it, deriving your life, maxims, and pleasures from it; if you could sympathize with its vulgar passion, and its temporary fleeting excitements, partisanships, and bigotries - (, notice the form of the conditional sentence, a supposition contrary to fact, therefore anticipating the negative clause that follows, "but ye are not of the world;" notice also that , the love of affection, not , the love of reverence and profound regard, which you are to show to one another and to me) - would be loving .