Kerouac fought with the football coach, who refused to let him play.

Burroughs, and a joyful street cowboy from Denver named .
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It would be a long time before he would be published again.

Like Kurt Cobain, another counter-culture celebrity who seemed to be truly (as opposed to fashionably) miserable, Kerouac expressed his unhappiness nakedly in his art and was not taken seriously.

Kerouac would suffer seven years of rejection before 'On The Road' would be published.
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His Buddhism failed him, or he failed it.

A site that let you hear Kerouac's voice is.An interesting Kerouac tribute CD called ', featuring musical experiments by people like Lee Ranaldo, Patti Smith, Robert Hunter, Joe Strummer and many others can be sampled here.
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Certainly the Beat Generation was a fad, Kerouac knew, but his own writing was not.
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Kerouac's father, a printer and well-known local businessman, began to suffer financial difficulties, and started gambling in the hope of restoring prosperity to the household.

He could not resist a drinking binge, and his friends began viewing him as needy and unstable.
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He kept busy, appearing on TV shows, writing magazine articles and recording three spoken-word albums, but his momentum as a serious writer had been completely disrupted.

His drink of choice was a jug of the kind of cheap, sweet wine, Tokay or Thunderbird, usually preferred by winos.

Trying to live up to the wild image he'd presented in 'On The Road,' he developed a severe drinking habit that dimmed his natural brightness and aged him prematurely.

He stayed in his house most of the time and carried on a lifelong game of 'baseball' with a deck of playing cards.

His sudden celebrity was probably the worst thing that could have happened to him, because his moral and spiritual decline in the next few years was shocking.

Through his first forty years Kerouac had failed to sustain a long-term romantic relationship with a woman, though he often fell in love.

Since they and many of their friends regularly referred to Kerouac as the most talented writer among them, publishers began to express interest in the forlorn, unwanted manuscripts he carried in his rucksack wherever he went.

Living alone with his mother in Northport, Long Island, Kerouac developed a fascinating set of habits.

His excellent novel 'The Dharma Bums' describes a joyous mountain climbing trip he and Snyder went on in Yosemite in 1955, and captures the tentative, sometimes comic steps he and his friends were taking towards spiritual realization.]His fellow starving writers were beginning to attract fame as the 'Beat Generation 'a label Kerouac had invented years earlier during a conversation with fellow novelist John Clellon Holmes.


He spent the early 1950's writing one unpublished novel after another, carrying them around in a rucksack as he roamed back and forth across the country.