Dalton used symbols to represent the elements.

In 1837 Dalton had a stroke. He had trouble with his speech for the next year.
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Dalton in thecomfort of his easy chair in

During his early career as a scientist, Dalton also researched color blindness—a topic with which he was familiar through firsthand experience. Since the condition had affected both him and his brother since birth, Dalton theorized that it must be hereditary. He proved his theory to be true when genetic analysis of his own eye tissue revealed that he was missing the photoreceptor for perceiving the color green. As a result of his contributions to the understanding of red-green color blindness, the condition is still often referred to as "Daltonism."

The majority of conclusions that made up Dalton's atomic theory still stand today.
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Bill Dalton served with the State of California twoterms.

Friends tried to draw his body back into thestore, but these now met the fire of Grattan Dalton and Powers, who, with thecrippled Broadwell, were now coming out of their alleyway.

There have been thousands of books wrote about the Dalton Gang and weall have read their story.
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Bob Dalton raised his gun and fired in the direction of the bank, andGeorge Cubine, a man who had been his acquaintance and friend in former years,fell dead.

Lewis Dalton came west fromKentucky to Missouri during the late 1840s.
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Grat and Bill Dalton arrestedfor the crime.

However, aside from the fact that Juliaprobably never laid eyes on Emmett until he left prison–that’s what hergranddaughter said, anyway — there’s no evidence Julia rode on any Daltonraid, let alone Coffeyville.

Eva Dalton, sister of the infamousoutlaws, married J.N.

Theboys came from a family of 15 children, the offspring of Adeline Younger, auntto the outlaw Younger boys — and shiftless Lewis Dalton, sometime farmer,saloonkeeper and horse fancier.

Except for Emmett Dalton,alll of the Dalton Gang members were killed.

crews after World War II, oldtimers in the area would dismiss the whole idea as being created for thepurpose of tourism, so I started researching local records in an effort to"prove" that Eva Dalton Whipple actually lived there.

Bob Dalton was theleader in this enterprise.

At the time of the opening Bob Dalton was aUnited States deputy marshal, being selected on account of his peculiar fitnessto deal with desperate characters.

Here he was seen byBob Dalton, who had gone through the alley.

The Daltons were second cousins of the notedJames boys, and through them related to the Youngers, now serving life terms ofimprisonment in the penitentiary of Minnesota for train and bank robberies.

Emmett Dalton was now the only one of the band left alive.

An instant later itspoke, and Bob Dalton, the notorious leader of the notorious gang, fell dead,Emmett Dalton had the start of his brother, and before Spears could draw a beadon him he had dodged behind the corner of the bank and was making time in thedirection of the alley where the horses were tied.