Otherwise we love only the reflection of ourselves we find in them.

ClarkLove is the condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.
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"I am happy that you are here, but I have news for you. You are a being of light, not darkness. You trod your path because I gave you the freedom to choose it. But it was not real, not in the way you might think. I am proud of you, my child, but there is an important lesson that your path has not taught you, and the lesson you must learn before you can come home. You cannot fit in here, as much as I would like you to. You could not stand it. I created you and everybody else. I love you, as I love all my creations. Your path has led you here, but loving yourself, while an important lesson, is only part of the journey. The journey is not complete until you love of creation, as I do. You have racked up quite a tally. You incurred many debts to others as you failed to love them, and only loved what you thought of as yourself. As you failed to love others, you also failed to truly love yourself. You owe yourself a great debt that you can only pay while serving others. I have a deal for you. All the mastery, all the wisdom, all the greatness that you attained on your path, which is indeed impressive, you can exchange for an equivalent status on the path of light. From that exalted rank of light, you will labor long to settle your debts, make right your wrongs, and bring as much light to creation as you earlier brought darkness. I think you will find that loving others is highly rewarding, not only to yourself, but also to others. You have a choice. You can stay where you are, at the dark path's highest level, where you can progress no further, because there is nowhere else to go. Or, you can accept my offer, working magnificently with me, engaging in fabulous work on behalf of creation, and when you have balanced your scales, you can come home, and it will be glorious."

~Quoted by Alexandra Penney in Love is, above all, the gift of oneself.
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And although marriage is now zealously guarded by the Church, Love of the romantic sort is no doubt looked upon even to‑day by many an austere clergyman as a harmless youthful epidemic—a sort of emotional measles—rather than as a new æsthetico-moral sentiment destined to become the strongest of all agencies working for the improvement of the personal appearance, social condition, and happiness of mankind.

~Mignon McLaughlin, , 1960Smiles escape from clouds above and angels ring a chorus of your love.
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Oh, OK, I think I’m getting where you’re coming from. I didn’t realize there was a way to have Amazon contribute a portion of a person’s purchases to a charitable organization. Biotoxin Journey is not a charitable organization. I realize there are people out there accepting donations without declaring the proper tax status but this is actually a very risky proposition. The work involved in creating a nonprofit organization is definitely not worth the small amount folks contribute – and this is as it should be. I’m just looking for a small show of support.

Is there, then, such a difference between the love of a year and the love of an hour?
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Alchemy A Journey of Love and Spirit

Humans are considered sentient, or at least partly so. Sentience is quite a ways along the developmental path. Sentient beings begin their physical reality journey as less aware forms. Today’s human beings began their physical reality journey spending time as parts of stars, interstellar dust, and other things before focusing on Earth. As we focused on Earth, our early experiences were involved with being parts of the atmosphere, even as clouds. Our awareness eventually became earthbound, and we spent eons as parts of Earth, parts of oceans, mountain ranges, and deep within Earth’s core. As we became familiar with physical reality, we eventually became life forms, and the simpler, unicellular organisms to begin with. Our awareness became ever more fragmented with that process, but it was also a way of creating a “concrete” foundation for us to begin rebuilding our former awareness.

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What to do about the fallen 1%? No being can fall so far that all awareness and memory is lost. As awareness was lost, those beings also fragmented into a hierarchy of awareness that resembled Lucifer’s. The aspect of those beings that remembered their Garden of Eden days preferred their former awareness to what happened after they gave away their free will. They realized their mistake, and the creator (with the other 99% assisting) invented a system to allow them to regain their awareness and reclaim their will. A remedial school was developed for lost beings to regain their awareness. No being embarked on the journey that did not desire to regain its awareness.

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After exploring the literature on crossing to the other side and what awaits us, and leavening it with , one issue is clear: bribing people with heaven or threatening them with hell are counterproductive. We go to whatever , and how we live our lives on Earth determines where we go on the other side. What we is important while we are here, but more important is what we , and what we is the most important, and the motivation behind our actions is all-important. Religious fanatics often have the most difficult time on the other side; their beliefs are conditioned by fear, not love. Rigid beliefs are the greatest obstacles to enlightenment, and all belief-fanatics are advised to give them up if they want a pleasant transition to their heaven. Living by Jesus’s Golden Rule - treating others how we would wish to be treated - is the best prescription for raising one’s awareness and having a joyous transition to the other side. Love is the answer.