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Special Needs K9 pulled her from the brink of death just in time and she was transported to NJ. Due to foster homes shortage, Amy was housed at Kamp Kanine, a 24 hour boarding and doggie day care facility that we work with. She was diagnosed with heartworm disease, giardia, an enlarged heart as well as swollen lungs and will require extensive medical care.

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However, a counter to that argument: The text does tell us that Anna and Gurov were "near and dear" to each other, which implies intimacy and acceptance.
Original Thesis:
Anna and Gurov in "Lady with Lapdog" by Anton Chekhov are truly in love.

Possible Revised Thesis:
In "Lady with Lapdog" by Anton Chekhov, the love between Anna and Gurov is powerful, mysterious, and transformative, but it does not bring much happiness and it has no future.

He is special since he was born with the ligaments missing in the bottom portion of his right front leg, causing the lower portion of the leg to sway forward and act as a foot. But don’t feel sorry for this little guy. He was born this way and he gets around very easily by hopping like a bunny when he runs, using his right leg mostly to assist his left…and he can run! He walks just like all other dogs with a slight limp. The leg also has an enlarged paw cushion/pad just above his paw, which protects his elbow from being scraped against the ground and it works perfectly. He has absolutely zero pain from his condition which is non-progressive and is otherwise perfectly healthy.

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Molly is a 10 year old lab mix that came in with severe domodex. She’s been getting the royal treatment since she’s been at the shelter, so a lot of her hair has been growing back and she looks better than ever! Molly is super-sweet, easy going, and pleasure to have around. She has a wonderful personality and is good with people and other dogs. All she needs now is a loving home.

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Delilah is a young SWEETHEART who is located at the BERGEN COUNTY ANIMAL SHELTER in Teterboro, NJ.
She is considered to be a “Special Needs” dog because she has Vestibular disease which has caused a slight head-tilt, which we find to be her cutest feature. Also the facial paralysis on the right side of her face has been determined to be non-progressive. While at the vets being diagnosed for her facial paralysis she was also found to be lyme positive which is currently being treated. Even though she has some medical issues, it has not taken away from her manners, personality or love for humans.
While traveling back and forth to the vet office, it has been found that she absolutely loves the car as she just sits back and enjoys the ride.
In the beginning when first taken out for her walk, she tends to be strong on the leash but with some corrections she walks very nicely and her favorite part of going out is when she is given a toy to trot along with.
Just the other day after a walk and play time with Stacey, the Vice President of Special Needs K9, they both went and sat inside the kennel. Stacey found that Delilah absolutely LOVES to get massaged. Every time Stacey would stop, she would turn around and give her the sweetest look as to say “more please.” Another positive thing is that she keeps her kennel very clean.
With all these great qualities what’s not to love about this beauty.
If you or someone you know is looking for a sweetheart to adopt please give Delilah a chance!
For more info you can contact us.