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The rebels' London-based chief negotiator, Anton Balasingham, said it was "impractical to hold peace negotiations when one party talks to the Tigers while another keeps the defence ministry in Sri Lanka." "In the future we will talk only with a Sri Lankan government that would have full power and the mandate of the people," the pro-rebel Tamilnet website quoted Balasingham as saying.

Color of skin, race, religion, ethnic background,language, ..
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Sweating profusely at the edge of the pitch, defender Jean-Remy Bitana said allowances and bonuses paid to players when the national team performs well, push others to raise their performance in club sides in the hope of being called to play for the Wasps.

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This time, all the major players in Mogadishu have come aboard, along with other major politicians, traditional leaders and militia heads from other parts of the country.

Burden in 2005 showed Nader did "play a pivotal role in determining ..
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