Copy of Leda and the Swan by Leonardo da Vinci." c.1505-1510.

Copy of the Battle of Anghiari by Leonardo da Vinci.

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Discover the man who was amazed by the world and nature, through interactive machines, multimedia videos, educational laboratories and info graphics at the Leonardo da Vinci Museum in Florence.
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Airport Transfers: Available upon request at additional cost. Transfer from Rome’s Leonardo da Vinci airport: USD 129 each way.

Every month the Scuola Leonardo da Vinci school offers an activity program which includes a number of varied outings and get-togethers including museum and gallery visits, dinners, dancing and excursions . Some activities are offered free of charge while others involve a nominal fee. A welcome party and a tour of the city is arranged at the beginning of each monthly session. Optional weekend excursions are also arranged at reasonable cost.

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During the last few years the Museum has become increasingly involved in sharing its own heritage and its experience through several international projects. Travelling exhibitions, prestigious loans from its collection of historic models, workshops and conferences to make Leonardo da Vinci’s life and work known to as many countries and cultures as possible.

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But Leonardo's was a chilling shadow, too deep, too dark, too overpowering."Further reading on Leonardo da Vinci:

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The Museum exhibits the most important collection of historic models, built examining and interpreting Leonardo Da Vinci’s drawings. 130 unique models, which were realized through the skills of important experts and model makers.

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A keyadjustment was made that others had not done and thus were forced to makedisproportionate appendages:“Leonardo’s famous drawingsof the Vitruvian proportions of a man’s body first standinginscribed in a square and then with feet and arms outspread inscribed ina circle provides an excellent early example of the way in which hisstudies of proportion fuse artistic and scientific objectives.

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It has that haunting, almost unearthly beauty peculiar to Leonardo da Vinci."The subject of Ginevra de' Benci has nothing of the Mona Lisa's inward amusement, and also nothing of Cecilia's gentle submissiveness.

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The Scuola Leonardo da Vinci is located in a typical aristocratic house in Piazza Del Orologgio near the center of the Old City and only a short distance from Piazza Navona and the Vatican.