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Sleepy Yet? -- How Light from Electronics Affects Sleep

How Light from Electronics Affects Sleep.

Like Figueiro, William C. Kohler, MD, medical director at the Florida Sleep Institute in Spring Hill, Florida, and spokesperson for the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, was not surprised by the study’s results because they confirmed those of other previous studies. “They gave further substantiation to the value of properly placed bright light in improving our sleep and alertness,” he says. In fact, the sleep center employs lighting techniques to help its technicians stay alert during the nighttime hours.

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Light has a profound effect on sleep

With 16 million colors, the UpLight is not only fun, but allows you to rest in the evenings by removing melatonin suppressing light, so you can get to sleep.

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But now, our lives seem saturated with electronic devices that emit short-wavelength-enriched blue light as opposed to broad-spectrum white lights. And often, we’re reading from those gadgets at night just before trying to fall asleep.

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The team at the Lighting Research Center has developed a 24-hour lighting scheme for elders. “Because sleep and falls are the two major issues associated with aging, this lighting scheme calls for the use of lighting systems that meet the needs of the aging visual system. It would need to deliver high circadian stimulation during the daytime and low circadian stimulation in the evening, and use nightlights that are designed to reduce falls,” Figueiro says. “The 24-hour lighting scheme could be installed right now to benefit residents; however, we need lighting manufacturers to begin developing these types of healthy lighting products that could be used to benefit human well-being. There is a critical need right now for products and applications designed to improve the lives of older adults.”

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The Up Light turns your bedside lamp into a wake up light that gently prepares your body so you don't have that morning grogginess. Instead, wake up feeling refreshed, more alert, and ready to begin your day. It also removes the blue light in the evenings so it's more conducive to sleep!

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I have chronic insomnia and have tried so many things. Now I am off all sleep meds, and working with my doctor on CBT-Insomnia, which includes sleep restriction, a brisk walk in the morning sunlight, and getting out of bed if I cannot sleep. So, now I will definitely cut off my usage of electronics an hour or two before bed. Anything to help my melatonin production! Thanks for the tip.

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Very interesting study. I have a quick question. Were the e-Readers on Flight Mode – ie all WiFi and other wireless radiation turned off – or was the WiFi on on the e-Readers during the reading periods in the study and afterwards? If they were not on Flight Mode then the pulsed microwave/radiofrequency radiation will confound the results as it is well documented in many studies to reduce melatonin levels and affect sleep. This important factor is being ignored in all discussions about how screens before bedtime are affecting sleep, but it may be even more important than the effect of the blue light.