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The Atomic Bombs, Little Boy and Fat Man ..

The design of Little Boy was completely different from Gadget/Fat Man

In one of the side stories, parents of a newbornargue over whetheror not they should circumcise their son. The mother wants to but thefather says no. The receptionist, Lana, breaks the deadlock, tellingthem it's not how it looks, it's what a man does with it.

What is The Wild Diet? | Fat-Burning Man

However, don’t many people talk about how muscles help to burn fat? If you are suggesting that, then it means that what many people believe is now supposedly a myth..

Hey Rusty – awesome site – I started eat stop eat a few weeks back and just discovered your site– and there are just so many posts in the archives that I totally agree with and couldn’t have put in better words… especially the one about body fat and facial attractiveness… I used to be a fatty and whenever I wore “fashionable” clothes, something seemed “off”…