Living on a lifeboat by Garrett Hardin, 1974

The Tunnel under the English Channel, built in the early 1990's, cost 11 lives.
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Lane must then decide whether to use this and continue with her former plans, which were to witness the colonization effort and then return to Earth, after 240 years, to report on it, or to stay with Preston and live out a life on the .

Gotthard tunnel was finished in ten years, though at a cost of 310 lives.
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Contrariwise, deaths on something like a do not seem balanced by any saved lives, which means that , such as those of Vic Morrow and others on the set of in 1982, seem intolerable and wrongful.

The industry of mining anthracite coal in Pennsylvania cost 30,000 lives between 1869 and 1950.
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His resolve is disturbed, however, as he reflects on the irreparable harm his return to the galleys will mean to so many people who depend upon him for their livelihood -- especially troubling in the case of a helpless woman and her small child to whom he feels a special obligation.

Instead, with his impious act, he saves the lives and ends the suffering of his Japanese Christians.
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Dying together's even more personal than living ..

Even with such progress over time, the John Hancock Building in Chicago (1970) cost 109 lives, or, indeed, about one per floor, as predicted for the Empire State Building -- perhaps the infamous wind of Chicago made for more hazardous conditions.


The Golden Gate Bridge cost 14 lives (or 11 -- the rule of thumb there was one life for each $1,000,000 of the project, with the bridge costing $35,000.000 -- workers who fell and were caught by nets joined the "Half-Way to Hell Club").

The title of the article was "Living on a Lifeboat"

It may come down to the other uses of wood, which are many, and which may be more essential to modern life, which as such preserve and extend lives beyond what was the case when wood was for housing and energy than it is now.

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The subject is informed that his own body would be too light to stop the train, but that if he pushes the stranger onto the tracks, the stranger's large body will stop the train and save the five lives.

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It is an encouragement to people to commit themselves to Christ as their Saviour, when those who invite them, clearly show that they do so themselves.

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Happy those who have such a one as Paul in their company, who not only had intercourse with Heaven, but was of an enlivening spirit to those about him.