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Several characters in Twelfth Night suffer from some version of love-melancholy.
Orsino shows symptoms of this like lethargy, inactivity, and interest in music and poetry.

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The number of hairpieces provided has increased significantly since its inception. Locks of Love has recipients in all 50 states and Canada and is working towards its goal to help every financially disadvantaged child suffering from long-term hair loss.

The love of God here spoken of, and instanced in, is not his general love to all his creatures, which is shown in the make of them, and in the support of them in their beings, and in his providential care of them, and kindness to them; but his special love towards his elect, and which was before it was manifested; it was secretly in his heart from everlasting, and did not begin to be at the mission of Christ into the world, but was then in a most glaring manner manifested: there were several acts of it before, as the choice of them in Christ, the appointment of him to be their Saviour, and the covenant of grace made with him on their account; these were more secret and hidden; but now the love and kindness of God appeared, broke forth, and shone out in its glory; this is a most flagrant and notorious instance of it, in which it is exceedingly conspicuous; this is a most clear proof, a plain and full demonstration of it: because that God sent his only begotten Son into the world; the sender is God the Father, who is distinguished from the Son that is sent; of which act of sending; see Gill on and See Gill on ; and for him, who is that God against whom we have sinned, and is that lawgiver that is able to save, and to destroy, and of purer eyes than to behold iniquity, to send his Son to be the Saviour of sinful men is an amazing instance of love; and which appears the more manifest, when it is observed that it is "his only begotten Son" that is sent; of which See Gill on ; and the place he was sent into is the world, where his people are, and where their sins are committed, he came to expiate; and where he was treated with great indignity and contempt, and suffered many things, and at last death itself: the end of his mission was, that we might live through him; who were dead in Adam, dead in sin, and dead in law, and could not quicken themselves; nor obtain eternal life for themselves, by their performances.

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Locks of Love is devoted to helping every child suffering from medical hair loss, thus we do not discriminate as to the cause of hair loss. We list the following information in an attempt to explain types of hair loss and specific needs of individual recipients.

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Are they willing to love their enemies—that is, to endure peacefully the suffering caused by their enemies and to offer it as a prayerful sacrifice for the repentance and conversion of those very enemies?

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No modern day person has exemplified the response of joy to suffering morethan Mother Teresa. In 1950, she founded the Missionaries of Charities inCalcutta, India with a goal to serve the poorest of the poor. By 1965, theywere an international organization. Their overall goal is to providewholehearted, free service - JOYFULLY, eagerly, freely and openly. Freelygiving what has been freely received from God - without accepting any return incash or kind, without seeking any reward or gratitude. With hearts burning withzeal and love for the souls of the poorest of the poor. Specifically, the focusof the Missionaries of Charities, as outlined in the book "Suffering intoJoy - What Mother Teresa Teaches about True Joy" is:

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Many individuals, therefore, are drawn to Buddhist practices because they seem to offer an esoteric “spirituality” while making no moral demands on a person beyond the ethics of non-attachment and acceptance.
But genuine must embrace the redemptive purpose of sacrifice and suffering when endured in love for others, as Christ demanded, and this true love, therefore, can be understood properly only in the context of Christian theology.

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Without God, there can be no love, only self-indulgence—and without a proper understanding of love in the first place there can be no meaning in God sending His Son to redeem us, and no meaning in suffering as the only means to overcome : that which “misses the point” about love.
Considering all of this, it’s ironic that atheistic Eastern philosophies have so many techniques for achieving self-restraint and self-discipline, and yet they know nothing about love of God.