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Until then, "theMacedonian national fighters will not subordinate themselves to the dictatorshipand discipline of EAM-ELAS; [they] will carry on an independent policyand struggle for national justice?"[] This split, whichalso had a chilling effect on KKE-CPY (Communist Party of Yugoslavia) relations,occurred at a most inopportune moment for EAM-ELAS: on the eve of the so-calledSecond Round in the Civil War in Greece.

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On the aims of Macedonian nationalism during theSecond World War, see the informative and illuminating discussions by KirilMiljovski, "Motivite na revolucijata 1941-1944 godina vo Makedonija," (Skopje) 10, no.1 (1974): 19 ff.; and by Cvetko Uzunovski, "Vostanietovo Makedonija," Istorija 10, no.2 (1974): 103 ff.

See Andrew Rossos, “The Macedonians of Aegean Macedonia:A British Officer's Report, 1944;" (London) 69, no.2 (April 1991):286, “The British Foreign Office andMacedonian National Identity, 1918-1941;” (U.S.A.)53, no.2 (Summer 1994): 376, and 'Macedoniasm and Macedonian Nationalismon the Left," in ed.

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Hepointed an accusing finger at Stringos and Porfirogenis, who directed theKKE's Macedonian policy but had "proved incapable in their handling ofthe Macedonian question." He even admitted that the leadership of the partybore some of the responsibility: it was harmful that the Macedonians werenot represented in the Provisional Democratic Government, the headquartersof the DSE, and the Directorate for National Minorities.

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The CPY's isolation and expected capitulation provided Zachariadiswith a welcome opportunity to free the KKE from Tito's shadow and tutelageand finally bring the NOF and Macedonian nationalism in Greece under itsunquestioned control.

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It condemned all manifestations of nationalism and chauvinism and denouncedas traitors both the leaders of the NOF, who rejected the dictates of theKKE, and Tito's Yugoslavia.[] Most important, thecongress proclaimed the right of the Macedonians to national self-determination-theirright to determine their own government and social order.[] Immediately after the Congress, the KKE rushed toimplement many of the promises that Zachariadis had made since the FirstPlenum of the NOF in August 1948.

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In any ease, the army did not even utilize their expertiseproperly, since in most instances they were assigned to inferior and meaninglesspositions and tasks.[] However, it did achieve along-standing aim: the elimination with one stroke of the veteran and,from the KKE's point of view, nationalist and unreliable, leadership ofthe NOF[] Under attack by the KKE and fearing for the futureof the Macedonian liberation movement in Greece, in April 1948 a numberof the best-known leaders of the NOF appealed to the Central Committee(CC) of the Yugoslav Communist Party (CPY) for help.

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However; it did want to transformthe NOF into an obedient, token instrument by replacing its Macedoniannational leadership with Macedonians who were first and foremost disciplinedand loyal members of the KKE.[] It took the firstmajor step in that direction during the First Congress of the NOF, whichmet on January 13, 1948, in Vambel (Moskohori), a picturesque Macedonianvillage in the vicinity of the Albanian frontier.