Sarah Breedlove, better known as Madame C.J

This is not intended to be a list of every American (born U.S

Aviator, politician, educator and activist, madame c.j

Dysa Waage, Karl Wake, Alice Walker, Annie Walker, Elizabeth Walker, Ernest Walker, Jean Walker, Mary C. Walker, Annie Walkow, Fred Wallacker, Elise Wanlin, Andrew Warchuk, William Ward, Thomas Wark, Elizabeth Warne, Jessie Warne, Henry Warren, Constantine Warzee, Adeline Waton, Thomas O. Weeden, Thomas Weir, Anton Welsh, David White, Robert White, Otto Wick, Walker Wickens, Frank Wicklicky, Peter Wicklund, Peter Wiebe, Jacob Wiens, Matthew Wilcot, John Wilkinson, Annie Williams, Elizabeth Williams, Herbert Williams, Thomas Williams, Agnes Williamson, Harry Willsher, Myrtle Wilson, Nettie Wilson, Walbourg Wilson, Charles Windling, Joel Winn, Daniel Winnick, Otto Withman, Wasyl Wjkula, Nick Wolinski, John Wolkoscy, Myketa Woloszuk, George Wong, King Yen Woo, Alfred Wood, Lucy Wood, John Woods, Olevsa Worobez, Mike Wozney, Agnes Wright, Gordon Wright, Harriet Wright, Robert Wright, Gustave Wurch

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Cab drivers Amos 'n' Andy (characters from the radio show Amos 'n' Andy) contract to transport Duke Ellington and his band out to Blair estate, where they meet Richard Williams who is in love with Jean Blair.

Charles Gachet, John Gagne, John Galbraith, Louis Galliard, Victoria Gans, Thomas Garbars, Charles Garbutt, Alice Garrand, Ellen Garroway, Lucille Gaudry, Mark Gee, Beatrice Genaille, Anthony Gensisky, Samuel George, Rene Georgetz, Emil Gerardin, Mike Germak, Alice Gerpie, Julienna Gervais, Magna Gevening, Emma Gibbs, Elizabeth Giblett, Andrew Gibson, Sarah Gifford, Mary Gilkirk, Daniel Gillespie, Andrew Gilmour, Swain Gislason, Albert Glennie, George Glover, Katie Glowaski, Ignace Glucky, Thomas Golightly, Alfred Goodchild, Jennie Goodman, Mary Gornicka, Anton Graborski, Edna Graham, Robert Graham, James Granger, James Granholm, Susan Grant, Alice Gray, Ellen Gray, Henrietta Gray, Emma Green, Andrew Gregg, Catherine Grieve, Liddia Grieve, Elizabeth Grieves, Sarah Griffith, Florence Groen, Arthur Grover, William Grover, Carine Guilbault, Walter Gurba, Henry Gustafson, Fred Gwiaza, Wong Sui Gwon

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- of Philadelphia 765
RECK-MALLECZEWEN, Fritz (Friedrich) Percyval (d.1945) 1184
REDFEARN, Gertrude Vansant 1084
REDGRAVE, Richard (1804-1888) painter 813
REED, Anna Morrison 979
REED, Isaac [The Rev.] - of Owen County, Indiana 676
REED, James Frazier (1800-1874) 801
REED, Solomon [The Rev.] (1719-1785) of Titicut, Massachusetts 301
REEDER, Andrew Horatio (1807-1864) born Easton, Pennsylvania, first Governor
of Kansas 897
REES ap REES - of Penrallt Kibwr, Wales 252
REES, William 884
REESE, George W.