Don Quixote Part I: The Madness and the Cruelty | Shelf Love

Madness, so anxious to find Love, had stabbed out Love's eyes with apitchfork.

"Madness" is a song by the English rock band Muse

It can never be predicted who you fall in love with or when you do but all you do know is that you are in love and you would give anything for that person, and for your love to always stay resilient through all other obstacles and distractions....

Suicide was ever a running thought in their minds–an effect of the madness love set in their souls.

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But if you want to do something for me, you can be my guide."And so it came about that from that day on, Love is blind and is always
accompanied by Madness

Envious of Love, Envy whispered to Madness:"You only need to find Love, and Love is hiding in the rose bush."Madness grabbed a wooden pitch fork and stabbed wildly at the rose bush.