It mentions one of Lenzi's specialties is ice cream.

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At serving time turn the ice cream on a foldednapkin on a platter.

The Cream Float serves well as a novelty and should be priced at10 cents."
---, comiled by The Soda Fountain Trade Magazine, fourth edition[Soda Fountain Publications:New York] 1925 (p.

That corresponds approximately with the time when "modern" ice creams were first manufactured.

Top with brick ice cream.Surprise: Use 9" tube spongecake as base.

Now, pinched by rising costs of ingredients and afraid to raise prices already above $5, at least two ice cream makers are silently phasing out the half-gallon and replacing it with a 1.75-quart carton, a half-pint smaller.

A number of British cookbooks of the eighteenth century contain ice cream formulas.

As early as 1821 we findmention of "ice-cream gardens' in New York....Since introducing ice cream to Europe in theMiddle Ages, Italy has never relinquished its lead in theis field, and over the centuries themanufacture of ice cream has in many countries been the province of Italian emigres."
---, John Ayto [Oxford Univeristy Press:Oxford] 2002 (p.

Raffald's other fruit cream (non-ice) recipes employ lemon, raspberry, and orange.

The best oneswere made with "Neapolitan-style" ice creams.

Nowadays the word is used in NewZealand for a sort of crunchy toffee bar, and also for ice cream containing little pieces of suchtoffee."
---, John Ayto [Oxford University Press:Oxford] 2002 (p.

It means ice cream "Simon pure," made of the richest ingredients.

Quinzio offers an entire chapter on this topic; your local public librarian can help you get a copy of the book.]What exactly was Hokey Pokey?
"Hokeypokeys were slices cut from bricks of ice cream...These bricks were generally about eighteen inches long, twelve incheswide, and two and a half to three inches deep.

However, he had plenty of syrups and icecream on hand.

In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries hokey-pokey was a British English term for acheap sort of ice cream sold by street vendors ("Three hokey-pokey ice-cream hand-carts, oneafter another, turned the corner of 'Trafalgar Road,' Arnold Bennett, Clayhanger, 1910).

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They were usually layered with three different flavors of ice cream, and each crosswise slice wouldreveal all three..,.they cost one or two pennies, and...children would buy half a slice for half the price...The wrapped spliceswere sold to ice cream vendors.

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"Hokey pokey" is an English interpretation of the Italian phrase "O che poco," meaning how Oh,how little." This "little" in this phrase related to price, as these street goods (ice cream treats of allkinds in America/England, toffee flavored ice cream treats in New Zealand) were tasty and cheap.

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"Hokey Pokey
Into a bright and perfectly clean basin put 1 pound of fine sugar and 1 dozen eggs; mix these well together; then add and stir in 2 quartsof fresh cream or milk, 1 spoonful of salt and 1 tablespoonful of extract of vanilla; set the mixture on the fire and stir constantly till it thickens, but not curdles; strain into an earthen pan, cool, and stir into it 1 ounce of gelatin, dissolved in milkor water; nour pour it into the freezer and work slowly during the whole process til it becomes well frozen; then remove the dasher and pack the cream firmly in brick molds and bury them in ice and salt untl the cream is thoroughly frozen and hard; then turn them from the molds int he usual way and keep them in the ice cave or in a can imbedded in ice, or it may be cut with a knife, dipped in warm water, intosuitable squares, wrapped in wax paper and put in boxes and kep in th ice cave ready for sale."
---, Compiled by The Soda Fountain Trade Magazine [Soda Fountain Publications:New York]4th edition, 1925 (p.