Brian Mulroney was born on March 20, 1939 in Baie-Comeau, Quebec

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Francis Xavier University in 1955 and earned a degree in political science
- Applied to Laval University and earned a law degree
- Has a professional background as a lawyer, a member of the Cliché Comission on Industrial Violence, the president of an Iron Ore company and Chairman of Quebecor
- He was elected the leader of the PC Party in 1983 and became PM when the party beat the Liberals in the 1984 election
-Leader of the Progressive Conservative Party of Canada
- Mulroney was PM from 1984-1993

Martin Brian Mulroney
18th Prime Minister of Canada

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Official Apology to WWII Japanese-Canadians
- Official apology given to 22,000 Japanse-Canadians who were put in internment camps during WWII and had their belongings interned
- A $300 million compensation package was also given to those 22,000 Japanese-Canadians

When looking back on PM Mulroney’s career, you could say it was quite a roller coaster ride with plenty of ups and downs.

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Martin Brian Mulroney was born in in 1939, and had five siblings who survived infancy. His father, Benedict, was an electrician with the Quebec North Shore Paper Company.

His Deputy Prime Minister, Don Mazankowski, commented, saying that Mulroney’s greatest accomplishments will be looked at as, “Dragging Canada kicking and screaming into the 21st century.”
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- Air India Flight 182
- The Largest Terrorist attack before 9/11
- The explosion killed 329 Canadians
Mulroney sent the Indian Prime Minister condolences but not to the families of those killed
NAFTA (North American Free Trade Agreement)
- Remove all tariffs between Canada and the United States
- Signed by Mulroney and American President Ronald Reagan in 1992
- Came into effect on January1st, 1994
Introduction of the GST (Goods and Services Tax)
- The idea of the new GST tax was introduced in 1989
- When put into effect in 1991, it replaced the MST (Manufacturers' Sales Tax), previously applied to Canadian manufactured good on whole sale level
"If everything is very important, then nothing is important."
- Brian Mulroney