Effects of media violence on society

This article aims at discussing the adverse effects of media violence on society.

What Effects on effects of media violence on society ..

Since the things learned at a young age can have a lasting effect, there is a danger of young children turning over-aggressive and stubborn after reaching adulthood.

Effects of Violence on Adults
As discussed earlier, the impact of media violence on society is very dangerous and even adults are affected by it.

People as a society today tend to over react to incidents where children are involved.

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It has been observed that more than 10% of music videos contain violence which can affect a person psychologicallyAdverse Effects of Media Violence On Society

Effects of Violence on Children and Teenagers
Over the years, several psychologists have been repeatedly warning about how harmful the violence in television programs, video games and movies can be for children and teenagers.

With the current amount of violence that is on television today these same studies estimate that the average child sees 8,000 murders and 100,000 acts of violence before finishing elementary school.

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Intervention. Over the last three decades, there have been several experimental studies that induced a decrease in exposure to screen media, several of which specifically tried to reduce violent screen media exposure. Participants who view less screen media have generally shown a greater decrease in aggression than those in a control condition. For instance, a five-week intervention aimed at reducing media violence use (and promoting critical consumption skills) reduced aggressive behavior in highly aggressive teens (Möller et al., 2012; see also Christakis, Garrison, Herrenkohl, Haggerty, Rivara, Zhou, & Liekweg, 2013; Huesmann, Eron, Klein, Brice, & Fischer, 1983). These findings further support a causal interpretation of media violence effects on aggression and violence.

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A wide array of aggressive and violent behaviors has been linked to media violence. These behaviors include physical aggression, verbal aggression, relational aggression, proactive (cold, calculated) aggression, and reactive (hot, impulsive) aggression (see Bibliography references in bold). Many studies have found cross-over effects, but some have found specificity of media violence effects, showing that media that model mostly one type of aggression (e.g., relational, as in much teen television) tend to have bigger effects on that type of aggression (e.g., Linder & Gentile, 2009; Coyne, Nelson, Lawton, Haslam, Rooney, Titterington, …Ogunlaja, 2008; Martins, 2013).

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This particular condition is termed as the 'Mean World Syndrome'.

Some experts believe that media violence can in fact be helpful for people to understand its effects and avoid indulging in violent acts.

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This report is based on six decades of research which has yielded hundreds of original empirical studies, dozens of narrative reviews, and several comprehensive meta-analyses (see bolded references in the Bibliography for major reviews and meta-analyses). Studies published in the last 10 years confirm, strengthen, and expand the conclusions drawn by the earlier reviews mentioned above (see the three most recent comprehensive edited handbooks: Dill, 2013; Singer & Singer, 2012; and Strasburger, Wilson, & Jordan, 2013). These reviews make it clear that media violence research has providedone of the largest and most well-understood bodies of scientific evidence in all of social and behavioral science.