Memories of Others in Care - Their History

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The thoughts of children in care and the punishment of kids

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The story is about a girl who likes to hear stories about when here grandfather was a boy. She has some sort of accident and ends up in the past. A family takes her in and it turns out it's her grandpa's family. They live in a log cabin that is not close to a town. She lives with them for about a year. She has no money to buy Christmas presents, but she uses the material from the outfit she was wearing - I think it was a checked play suit - to make a needle book. I think she made other presents too. After a year, she gets bumped on the head and ends up back at home. No one believes her, but she tells her grandfather things about his life that he never told her. This story must be from sometime in the middle to late 60's or earlier.

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Thanks for trying. I'm very familiar with the Little Peppers and love them, but this is a different series. The only detail I remember for certain is that "Honey" was the baby's name.

5 children, each picks a special place...yes, that could be it. Maybe your additional clues will jog someone else's memory? Thanks!

Borchard R, Donkeys for Rogador, 1967. Dial Press, New York. This may be a second book about the same family. Looks like there are five children. The description I found reads: Among the other adventures and crises in this family of seven is the dilemma of feeding sixty-two donkeys that a daughter rescued from slaughter
Yes, is it! I ordered a copy to be sure as soon as I saw the first sentence: "There were five children--Ruth, Michael, Peter, Inga, and the Baby," I knew this was it. Thank you!

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