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As a pastor I get asked every now and then, “Why are there not more miracles in our day, ..

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For example, a recent project investigating desertification in Southern Europe involved collaboration between sociologists, anthropologists, archaeologists, agronomists, biologists, and mathematical modelers.1 In addition, scientists today are now more likely to work in large teams — regardless of disciplinary specialization.

Miracles in the Modern Day - Miracles seem to be out dated and never happen in our lives

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The modern world heaps scorn on those who have experienced miracles. This cynical attitude simply serves to coerce most legitimate eyewitnesses into silence; only quacks speak out. As a result, of course, society’s prejudice is simply reinforced.

The Carter Report presents for the greater glory of God: Modern Day Miracles

Here are just a few examples of how modern scientific practices have been transformed by increasing knowledge, changing societal concerns, and advances in communication and .

There has also been debate about whether miracles have a place in the modern-day Church