AndCertainly, No Chance of a job at Murri Country Radio these kids.

Angelo DiPietro: An Untold Story of an American Injustice

Now, this is good for him and of the ‘historical navel gazers’.

He can'tseem to grasp that Aboriginal People and their (our) Ancestors have LivedSurvived and Thrived in those Exact and Same Circumstances as in the Kimberleyfor Many Thousands of Years.!

Then theparents of the hunter’s wife.

(even biting the clientsfor smokes.!) Including Administration and Board Members, people that are andhave been over the years, handling untold “Millions” of dollars.!

No food-banks like we have here all around the Country where we canjust drive up and fill the boot of the car with a wide-ranging assortment offresh and nutritious vegetables.

Never let the Truth standin the way of a good yarn/story.

This Ongoing Condemnation of the Only People that Historically and Morally HaveAny Obligation and Genuine Sympathy for “The Aboriginal People of Australia” isthe Actions and Agendas of People that are Dangerous in Their Stupidity andIgnorance.

Interesting the history of NewZealand.

Alcatraz Federal Prison - A Definitive History of the Penitentiary Years, is a comprehensive reference on the history of Alcatraz and contains one of the most comprehensive archives of inmate and prison life photographs (nearly 1,000) from 1934-1963.

This is anotherpart of our history too.

A definitive account of the 1962 escape of Frank Morris and the Anglin Brothers provides rare insight extracted through photos, and over 1,700 pages of FBI investigative notes.

Also I have heard of it happening elsewhere in theCountry.

As a concerned and involved member of theAboriginal and broader community of Brisbane/Australia, what can I personallydo to ensure that these people are held to account in a meaningful way.?

Taking the brunt of any repercussions.

This book is the result of years of intensive research, and navigates the Island's history through rarely seen documents, interviews, and historic photographs.

Mob victim: one of the untold stories - …

So much so, thatan African American was elected to and entrusted with the highestoffice/responsibility that could ever be bestowed on an individual in what hasbeen described as the World’s Greatest Country.!

— Top Stories of the Year Flash mob victim's untold story ..

Mount Carmel and Queen of Heaven Cemeteries offers a unique glimpse into the history of Chicago during a time that saw massive immigration, rising industrialization, two world wars, and numerous tragedies, by chronicling the lives and stories behind the individuals who are interred there.