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But I now entered on my fifteenth year—asad epoch in the life of a slave girl.

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Flint'sfamily, and those years had brought much of theknowledge that comes from experience, though theyhad afforded little opportunity for any other kinds ofknowledge. My grandmother had, as much as possible, been amother to her orphan grandchildren.

It was kind ofhim to conceal from me what a dismal hole was to bemy home for a long, long time.

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Take your little girl with you,and I am sure that he will not let her sleep on deck."With these kind words and a shake of the hand hedeparted. The boat was soon on her way, bearing me rapidlyfrom the friendly home where I had hoped to findsecurity and rest.

There I remained through thewinter and spring, endeavoring to perform my dutiesfaithfully, and finding a good degree of happiness inthe attractions of baby Mary, the considerate kindnessof her excellent mother, and occasional interviewswith my darling daughter. But when summer came, the old feeling of insecurity haunted me.

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Ihave wanted to make you happy, and I have been repaidwith the basest ingratitude; but though you haveproved yourself incapable of appreciating my kindness,I will be lenient towards you, Linda.

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And this is the recompense I get, you ungratefulgirl!" I answered that he had reasons of hisown for screening me from punishment, and that thecourse he pursued made my mistress hate me andpersecute me.

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Therewas no prospect of being able to lead a better life. Sometimes, when my master found that I stillrefused to accept what he called his kind offers, hewould threaten to sell my child.

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The fire of her temper kindledfrom small sparks, and now the flame became sointense that the doctor was obliged to give up hisintended arrangement. I knew I had ignited the torch, and I expected tosuffer for it afterwards; but I felt too thankful to mymistress for the timely aid she rendered me to caremuch about that.

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I do it to kindle a flame ofcompassion in your hearts for my sisters who are stillin bondage, suffering as I once suffered. I once saw two beautiful children playing together.

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Among these, my personal favorite is , a movie based on a series of real-life incidents published on the internet in serial form.As the film opens we are introduced to Kyun-woo, a kind-hearted but at times naive college student who seems to keep getting into trouble.

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My friend made my favorite kind of game, the kind that makes for better conversations. It’s not in production yet, and I’ve already been hearing about it through the nerd grapevine.