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despite his love for his daughter, Antonia.

My words can't even do it justice. So I'll share the words of one of my teachers. "Gratitude is one of the arms of love." Deep gratitude for all those beings that helped on this video.

Get an answer for 'In "My Antonia," how is it significant that, by novel's end, Antonia has reverted to speaking Bohemian with her husband and children

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Love music - and love to "use" it to spread out the message of love and that we are all ONE. Thanks a lot for your contribution. Already passed it on and will use it in my seminars as well so that people will hear about you even more.

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continue and expand the gratitude I have for my life here, the love I receive and give, my abilities and opportunities to share with others, for my family and friends and all the experiences &...