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Very nice website. I am a fairly new player, 1.5 years, and have now become a collector. I have purchased 11 so far. (I did give 5 away to friends and family). They range from a Fluke to a Kanile in price, but have had excellent results with KALA products (6 ukes were made by them). I even purchased their entry level MAKALA pineapple for a granddaughter last year. It was cute but sounded horrible, like the strings were fishing line. I changed out the strings to some Martin M600 and the difference was amazing, it completely improved the sound of the ukulele. I have now put these strings on 5 other Soprano and concert models and had similar results. On my tenors I am using AQUILA or WORTH. The ukulele set up make a huge difference. There are some sellers that do a setup on everyone they sell. I can personally recommend Hawaiian Music supply because they do a professional quality setup on every uke they sell, and sell them online. If you can’t go to a store with people who can demonstrate it they are a good option. Thanks again for your site and Merry Christmas to all.

T he past few years have been very strong for Korean cinema, but 2001 marks a new plateau in terms of box-office clout. Led by such smash hits as Friend (the best-selling Korean movie of all time), My Sassy Girl, My Wife is a Gangster, Kick the Moon, Hi Dharma, Guns & Talks, and Musa-- all of which drew more than two million viewers - …

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My mum brought back theeee most beautiful uke from tahiti when she went over last year. Its also the best sounding uke ive ever heard! it has eight strings on it and sounds much (much,much!) better then the one we had got before (from the cook islands) with only four. The tones just sound so much richer then the 4string ones. It looks kinda like a very mini electric quitar and is quite heavy as its made out of solid wood 🙂 wouldd highly recommend to everyone! just having it in the house has made me want to learn how to play it properly!

[first lines] Gunnery Sergeant Hartman: I am Gunnery Sergeant Hartman, your senior drill instructor

Try some of the clear flourocarbon strings that are available. They don’t stretch as much as nylon strings, especially wound ones like the Aquilas. They “set” more quickly, and hold their tune much better. They tend to have a clear, bright sound that makes any uke sound better, in my opinion. Worth makes some excellent clear flourocarbon strings, along with some brown ones that are more subdued in sound. Martin’s clear flourocarbon strings also seem to be very good. There are other reputable brands like Fremont. Most strings are pretty cheap, so you can try several until you find the ones you like the best. Elderly Music has a great selection.

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