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Vocab: ethics Vocab: copyright sampling digital sampler Vocab: sheet music phonograph record tape CD mp3 file sharing network Lesson Essential Question: Can we argue both sides of copyright and sampling issues? Lesson Essential Question: How did sampling inspire creativity and copyright law? Lesson Essential Question: How has recording tech advanced? Concept: Copyright Ethics Concept: Sampling Concept: Technology How has recording technology effected musical freedom? Unit Essential Question Advances in recording technology took away musical freedom, then gave it back, and inspired copyright laws Key Learning

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ROWAN COUNTY PUBLIC LIBRARY Using iTunes. Objectives Today you will learn how to: Navigate the iTunes interface Add music to the iTunes library Navigate.

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Halloran is an authority in urban centers and advancing technology. In 2012 she led a Mayor's International Business mission to ten cities in China. She signed friendship agreements with cities in China, Taiwan and Europe, establishing business relationships and opening doors of economic opportunities for Waterloo. She has spoken on international stages about innovation, technology, intelligent communities and the importance of startups and creating an intelligent nation. She also is a motivational speaker and has years of experience speaking at many conferences and events. She is a member of iCANADA and the past Chair of the Board of the Alumni of the International Communities Forum, a global think tank of intelligent communities.

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Computer Impact: Music By Chip Bowman & William Knight.

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Mr. Davis By: Carrson Ford 1 st - 2 nd period A Day 1.

Five years later, Faith has made over 3.500 Cuddle blankets and they have been sent all across Canada, the United States, England, Africa, France, Germany, Austraila, Brazil and many other countries. Faith has great respect and compassion for our Canadian Soldiers and Veterans, so she has a signature Soldier blanket that she makes for them. They have been sent throughout Canada, Afghanistan, Poland, Iraq, Kuwait and the Ukraine. Faith has two annual campaigns, "Kids at Christmas" and "Sponsor a Soldier". She also started "Help the Homeless" last Christmas in Toronto and "Cuddles for Crossroads" in May, which supports our local Crossroads Shelter for women and their children.

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We strongly urge the studios, filmmakers, and exhibitors to truly consider the impact this model could have on the exhibition industry. We as the Art House and independent community have serious concerns regarding the security of an at-home set-top box system as well as the transparency and effectiveness of the revenue-sharing model. Our exhibition sector has always welcomed innovation, disruption and forward-thinking ideas, most especially onscreen through independent film; however, we do not see Screening Room as innovative or forward-thinking in our favor, rather we see it as inviting piracy and significantly decreasing the overall profitability of film releases.

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Faith created the "Cuddles Clubs" throughout Ontario, where she visits schools to encourage them to support one local and one global cause per school year. Faith's motto is, "you are never too young to make a difference". Schools have helped her fundraise and to make Cuddle blankets. Faith also has a corporate program, where she visits businesses and organizations, shares her story and makes Cuddle blankets with their top management teams, in and effort to 'give back'.

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Similarly, Screening Room promises to give each subscriber two free cinema tickets with each film purchase. Yet to be disclosed is how an exhibitor will recoup the value of those tickets from Screening Room so they can then pay the percentage of box office revenue owed to the distributor of the film. Yet to be explained is who will manage the ticket program details such as location choice, method of purchase, and so on. Will all exhibitors be expected to honor Screening Room free tickets, or will some exhibitors receive preferential treatment over others?