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While tribes were regularly exterminated, some scattered survivors eked out existences here and there, to give rise to tribes/nations making a “comeback” today, and the Taino, Huron, and Wampanoag are examples of this trend. It can be seen as a healthy trend (although the casino phenomenon is anything but auspicious), there is reason for skepticism toward some claims, but critiques of white people appropriating Native American culture are accurate. I am nearly an eighth Native American myself (Creek tribe, and perhaps a bit of another), although native blood in the family was something that my ancestors vehemently denied. The “taint” is obvious in some of my relatives; their bloodlines are supposedly all from Northern Europe, but some could have been convincing extras in . Although I have some native blood, I write this essay as a white American, which I consider myself to be.

He is a non-native philosopher whose work is inAmerican philosophy, broadly understood, and the history of philosophy.

Seminar: Applying Traditions of Native American Philosophy

Spaniards remade the New World's ecological systems. Imported cattle, sheep, pigs, horses, and donkeys dominated the landscape. Chickens became a barnyard staple. Sugar, bananas, and citrus fruits were introduced and flourished. In many places, the landscape was altered beyond recognition. Spain was a land of shepherds and cattle ranchers, and many farmers in Spain were put out of business as the rich, herd-owning, land-owning aristocracy obtained the legal rights for their livestock to overrun the land. Spain's great herds helped make it such an arid land, and the same thing happened to New Spain. South of the great bison herds of North America, there were no large roaming herds of grazing animals. Huge tracts of farmland were destroyed throughout the New World by those imported European grazers, and areas previously cultivated or unused were quickly destroyed, leaving a desert-like environment behind. In Spain, sheep dominated. In New Spain, cattle dominated. Deforestation and mass grazing altered the landscape immensely. In a and eastern Atlantic islands, Spaniards noted that when they razed the forests for their lifestyles, streams dried up and eventually there was less rainfall. The desert-like environment of Mexico is not completely natural, but is partly the result of Spanish depredations. Not only was 75-90% of the human population exterminated, the first century of the Spanish invasion was also the greatest ecological catastrophe for native plants and animals in history, rivaled, and in ways exceeded, by what the English and Americans would later do to North America.

Lee has taught Indigenous Philosophy andNative American Law and Policy at universities in Canada and the UnitedStates.

This article will examine the current issues in American Indian andAlaska Native education, the status of Indian education today, and thework that Native leaders and others are doing to improve Native education.

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Department of the Interior's Office of Inspector General showed studentsin BIA schools achieving on average far below non-Native students and "generallynot receiving quality educations." On the 2000 National Assessment of EducationalProgress reading assessment, 40% of white fourth graders scored at or aboveproficient, compared to only 17% of Native American students.

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Community support- takes the criticism out of the learning that is consistent with western classrooms

Pedagogical Approaches
This type of learning contextualizes what students can and should learn within their cultures and communities
American education purposely excludes activities that promote the connection between Native students’ backgrounds, their communities and the school
Racist ideology and minority exclusion is still engrained into western teaching practices
Even though there is an increasing interest in pluralism and multiple realities, Euro-centric views are still prominent in curriculum

Much can be gained through cultivating the potential within ethnically diverse students.

Seven Philosophies for the Native American Man

Native American stories function much like food for the soul. Students will learn an inter-disciplinary context how ancestral and contemporary stories, oral and written, continue to represent the thoughts, values and life ways of Native people.

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An examination of philosophical thought by Native peoples in both historic and modern context in science, government, law, education, psychology, and cosmology. Native social systems and Native philosophical contributions to the world’s societies are examined.