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Mr. Pai canceled a scheduled appearance at the tech industry’s CES trade show next week. The commission declined to say why he would not attend, but has previously confirmed that he and his family had recently received threats by phone and email over the net neutrality issue.

The thing is, America ruining their net neutrality regulations won’t just impact them—it’ll impact the rest of the world as well.

FCC's Next Step On Net Neutrality: Blocking The States

Without net-neutrality protections, ISPs could block you from streaming video from Netflix or YouTube or charge you extra just to access those sites. They could also force Netflix or YouTube to pay more to ensure that its videos be streamed at the same speed and quality as at other video sites.

A version of this article appears in print on January 6, 2018, on Page B2 of the  with the headline: Big Tech to Fight Net Neutrality Repeal.

Success by members of Congress is unlikely, particularly in the House, where Speaker Paul D. Ryan, Republican of Wisconsin, would have to agree to bring the resolution to a vote. The president will also have to agree to the resolutions, if they were passed, but the White House has expressed its support of the rollback of net neutrality rules.

The Obama administration’s net neutrality rules met their all-but certain ..

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The problem with Pai's argument is the data he cites that investment is falling. Instead, that data shows that broadband investment has basically been flat since 2013, with a lot of variation among the different companies. A study from the consumer-advocacy group Free Press indicates since the 2015 net-neutrality rules took effect.

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Normal internet users like you and me would lose out with the repeal of the net-neutrality rules. It won't happen overnight, but you can expect broadband providers to start limiting what you can access on the internet or charging you more to get to the sites and services you regularly use.

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The main action on net neutrality is likely to move to the courts after the FCC vote, but a decision is unlikely to come until at least a year after the repeal.

We are dangerously close to losing Net Neutrality

Given the broad public support for net neutrality, there's a good chance lawmakers or the FCC will try to reinstate the rules if Democrats regain the majority in Congress next year or the White House in 2020.

The FCC just repealed net neutrality

Broadband investment can take different forms, but it usually results in faster, more reliable networks that are available to more people. Those are outcomes that partisans on both sides of the net-neutrality debate support.

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The effort to overturn the Federal Communications Commission's recent repeal of its net-neutrality rules just crossed an important threshold.