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Paragraphs 39-42 (, , , ) relate to questionsof sovereignty and citizenship, paragraphs 43-45 (, , ) to possible formsof Government of Northern Ireland within the United Kingdom, paragraphs46-49 (, , , ) to the division of power between United Kingdom and NorthernIreland institutions; and to the supervision of theexercise of powers by Northern Ireland institutions.

In the context of any systemof administration in Northern Ireland, account must clearly betaken of the 'Macrory' reorganisation of local services.

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However, a re-opening of this issue would not only involve furtherconfusion and uncertainty, to the detriment of services and personnel,but might also involve consideration of further changes, suchas the division of Northern Ireland into comparatively few areas,within which elected authorities would exercise quite wide powers.

(b) There is the 'argument from social values', which maintainsthat Northern Ireland ought to have the power to preserve conditionsof social behaviour generally acceptable to its own citizens,even where these are different from those in Great Britain (sothat laws relating to issues such as abortion or divorce couldreflect local religious or other standards): however, it may benoted that the Northern Ireland Labour Party, in its publishedproposals, took precisely the opposite view. (c) There is the 'argument for the preservation of distinctivepatterns of administration', which proceeds from the contentionthat in Northern Ireland many services, because of special localconditions or special efforts to overcome local problems, havebeen developed along distinctive lines and that the ability todo this, and to preserve such advantages as Northern Ireland maygain thereby, should not be lost. (d) There is, as a converse, the 'argument against the retentionof meaningless powers', based on the view that it is pointlessfor Northern Ireland to retain notional powers to do somethingdifferent from Great Britain (eg in relation to the cash socialservices) while in practice to have to do very much the same thingsbecause Northern Ireland alone does not have the economic or otherresources necessary to follow a different and autonomous policy.

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Thus, following thegeneral convention governing such matters in the United Kingdom,successive leaders of that Party were invited by the Governorto form an Administration, and did so almost entirely from fellowmembers of the Party in one or other House of the Northern IrelandParliament, (two of the three notable exceptions being appointedin 1971 - Mr.

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A section of theNorthern Ireland administration is aware of this policy, protectsit by withholding information, insincere cosmetic investigation,non-prosecution and curbing of inquests.