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1964 C Cabriolet For Sale, $19,825
This 1964 Cabriolet has undergone an extensive restoration of the body and is ready for painting and reassembly. The car was completely disassembled and sandblasted. The metal work was done by Ted Blake, Northern California's top 356 Porsche restoration specialist. The metal work included new:

NOS Doors, Nose Panel, Front Bulkhead, Battery Box, Door Posts, Pan, Struts, Closing Panels, Longetudanals, Rockers, and Headlight Buckets.
The sheetmetal was supplied by Stoddard. The metal joints were finished in lead, just as it had been done in the factory. All chassis nuts and bolts were chemically cleaned, beadblasted, and plated.
The hood and engine cover match the chassis number. The doors are new and unnumbered. The engine is a Porsche Factory replacement engine (*KDF engine) that has been detailed and correctly painted and is ready for reinstallation in the car.
The car comes with newly rechromed 5.5 inch Porsche rims, a chrome luggage rack, a $600 custom wood steering wheel and a Blaupunkt radio. The top and upholstery are complete and serviceable.
The car was originally Signal Red with black interior. The interior is original.
The car can be purchased before painting for $19,825 (which is my cost) or after painting and reassembling for $30,000 (estimated).

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Often, discussions about 9-1-1 technology are geared toward live computer aided dispatch screens, automated vehicle locator information and applications and communications systems between dispatch and officers in the field. While all critical to emergency services, there lies a growing interest in analytics as they relate to data that is gathered in computer aided dispatch and other systems. Whether analyzing response times on various call types or determining the optimal positioning of...

From July/August 1999 issue: School violence has moved out of its usual urban setting and into the headlines of an increasing number of "safe," small-town communities. From Alaska to Arkansas, children have been killing and injuring other children with alarming frequency. Altercations that at one time might have involved fistfights, knives, or an occasional handgun, can now involve sophisticated semi-automatic weapons, with hundreds of rounds of ammunition that can fell scores of victim in...

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A thirteen-year old girl is swept down a flood control channel in Los Angeles as swiftwater rescuers struggle to pluck her out of the torrent. A woman and her son are in a violent automobile accident and rescuers make a heroic effort to save them. The parents of a young man receive a surprise telephone call from police officers informing them that their son may be the victim of a homicide. A well-known Hollywood actor discovers his beautiful wife lying at the bottom of their swimming pool....

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The September 11th atrocities claimed the lives of 37 police officers of the New York/New Jersey Port Authority Police Department, including the department's Chief, Deputy Chief, and Inspector, and destroyed the department's headquarters and 9-1-1 center. An officer from every rank gave their lives in what New York Mayor Rudolph Guiliani called "the greatest rescue of modern times, since in so doing the rescuers saved more than 25,000 people."

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Obviously, back in the pioneering days of telephony, technology was a lot simpler than it is today. Complexity grows over time. Man had walked in space before we handled our first true 9-1-1 call, and Automatic Number Identification (ANI) and Automatic Location Identification (ALI) came along after that. One can argue that 9-1-1 never got any better since then.