Figurative language is used to enrich the reading experience

This Number the Stars-Figurative Language Lesson Plan is suitable for 6th Grade

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[…] also made a set of paper stars, which I had found on Annekata’s website. They are made out of wrapping paper and just hang on strings attached to the window […]

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The Pawn Stars start off with a bang when a beautiful pair of 18th century breech-loading pistols breach the shop. Will these guns hit the bullseye or will they misfire? Things get heavy when a seller brings in a paperweight made by renowned glass artist Paul Stankard. A vest made to hold the 14 harmonicas of Blues Traveler frontman John Popper is music to Chum’s ears; Popper himself even pops into the shop to give Chum a harmonica lesson.

Rick tries to snap up an autographed card of President Abraham Lincoln that he can’t picture himself without. Corey and Chum think about offering big bills for a golf driver shaft designed for President Bill Clinton, until they’re fore-warned he may not have used it. Rick checks out a personal check signed by President James Madison that bounces into the shop, but will it clear his reservations? Later, a patent model for an American flag press has Rick seeing stars and stripes, but will he pledge to buy it?

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The Pawn Stars learn the way of the samurai when Rick and Chumlee come to grips with a valuable Japanese katana from the 1800s. Rick comes out of his shell when a set of sea turtle coins from the ancient Mediterranean city of Aegina crawl into the shop. Straight out of Mayberry, a collection of Gomer Pyle bubble gum trading cards have Rick bursting to add to his collection. Rick and Corey get their hands on some Playboy assets in the form of stock certificates.

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Some people have thrown Lowry under the bus for not addressing the more gruesome aspects of the Holocaust head on. So when she gave a speech accepting the Newbery Award, she explained, "As a writer, I find that I can only cover the small and the ordinary—the mittens on a shivering child—and hope that they evoke the larger events. The huge and horrible are beyond my powers" (). But you know what's not beyond her powers? Thoughts on friendship, family, and morals. Those are some pretty big topics to tackle, but Lowry does her best. Now, you tell us: does Number the Stars live up to the challenge?

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The Pawn Stars make calculated moves when some handwritten math by Albert Einstein could multiply their profits. Chumlee tries to prove he isn’t dim when he pays big bucks to have an antique headlamp tester shining brightly once again. Corey and Chumlee take a stab at buying a prop from the classic horror movie “Child’s Play.” Later, a pill case pops into the shop that may have once belonged to Hollywood legend Carole Lombard, but Rick does a second take to make sure it’s not a stand-in.

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A bust of Marlon Brando has Rick making its owner an offer he can’t refuse… or can he? It’s game on with the Pawn Stars when a Donkey Kong penny bank from the early 1980s barrels into the store. Rick needs to keep both eyes open when he spots a cyclops print made by a member of the band Devo.

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The Newbery Medal isn't the only trophy on this book's shelf. Actually, it has won a whole bunch of awards given to awesome books for young adults. But it doesn't end there. Number the Stars also received the , which means that people who honor Jewish history and culture thought the book was important and valuable, and not just for young adults.