Now discuss the theoretical basis for organizational structuring.

EXHIBIT 16 shows a modified matrix organizational structure.

Analytical framework for the organization and structure of NARS.

The matrix organization is an attempt to combine the advantages of the pure functional structure and the product organizational structure. This form is identically suited for companies, such as construction, that are “project-driven”. The figure below shows a typical Matrix organization.

This may make coordination difficult and obstruct the functioning of the organization.

Figure 1 illustrates a bureaucratic organizational structure.

Matrix organization forms are usually found at the lower level of the organization.AdhocracyAdhocratic structures are also called 'free form' or organic organization structures.

In contrast, decision making in a centralized type of organizational structure is at higher levels.

Since the project type of organizational design is not considered stable, the matrix design attempts to provide permanent management structures by combining project and functional structures.

Modern organizational structures show a strong tendency towards de-centralization.

What is an organizational structure

These are differences in:

goal orientation;
time orientation;
inter-personal orientation; and
the formality of structure (Lawrence and Lorsch, 1967).
CoordinationCoordination refers to integrating the objectives and activities of specialized departments to realize broad strategic objectives of the organization.

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While the organizational structure should be adaptable to environmental changes, it should remain steady during unfavourable conditions.Modern organizational structures have evolved from several organizational theories, which have identified certain principles as basic to any organization.

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The degree of formalization can vary widely between and within organizations; refers to the degree to which decision making is concentrated at one point in the organization.Some important considerations in designing an effective organizational structure are:

The structure of the organization should be such that there is no confusion about people's goals, tasks, style of functioning, reporting relationship and sources of information.

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In contrast, functional departmentalization has the strength of:

easier communication with sub-units;
application of higher technical knowledge for solving problems;
greater group and professional identification;
less duplication of staff activities;
higher product quality; and
increased organizational efficiency (Filley, 1978).
is grouping of both activities and positions to make them compatible with the special needs of some specific groups of users.

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Structure in an organization has three components (Robbins, 1989):

referring to the degree to which activities within the organization are differentiated.