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Thus, the surviving spouse has total useof the property but only owns � of it.

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The second phase is after the initial three months of occupation but before one year. If squatters are "allowed" to squat on property for this duration of time, one must go to the courts and start the process of "administrative eviction" (Harris, 1995). The third phase is continued occupation for more than one year. According to the law, squatters have then achieved a "legal assumption," and the owners must go through an ordinary lawsuit process. Such a process has been described by attorney Robert Wells as "kind of like a root canal" (Harris, 1995). In order for the court to grant the property rights to squatters, they must prove that they have been on the land "uninterrupted," "non-challenged" and "peacefully" for ten years.

The Caroline Norton case spotlighted the injustice of married women's property rights in England.

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Once women married, their property rights were governed by English common law, which required that the property women took into a marriage, or acquired subsequently, be legally absorbed by their husbands.

However, the act maintained men's legal rights to all marital property.

Although the changes in law only slightly shifted to affect women's property rights, it elevated separated married women to the same legal standing as their husbands regarding lawsuits for contract and tort.

As it relates to corporate stock, the usufructuary hasthe right to collect and spend the cash dividends and to votethe shares of stock.

Property requirements seemed to attract the most attention.

An understanding of the law and its inherent ambiguities is absolutely necessary before purchasing concessionaire rights. Obviously, one should not heed hearsay or follow the advice of friends and neighbors. Such behavior could result not only in the loss of the concession but also that of improvements, such as a house, on the property without compensation from the Municipality. The following are some principal points of the law that must be adhered to:

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Staves notes, "Its enactment allowed legal intellectuals to feel that they had corrected an error but preserved for individual women no socially enforced rights; an individual woman got nothing except what her own husband privately elected to bestow" (49).

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If the decedentdied owning community property and he had not disposed ofit by will, then the surviving spouse has a legal usufructover the deceased spouse's share of community propertyeven though the children are considered to have inherited theproperty and are the naked owners.

1868 Former slaves granted citizenship.

However,at the end of the usufruct, the usufructuary owes anaccounting to the naked owner and owes a return of theproperty over which the usufruct existed.

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In the absence of a will or specification of land distribution, the rules of primogeniture were invoked, giving the oldest son the rights to all real property.

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The reality of purchasing a concession in the Zona Marítimo is that ambiguities exist within the written law, so that as regulations are created and amended, rights to property may also change. The lesson garnered from concession holders is that there are no guarantees and there is no foolproof way around the law. Additionally, even if a concession is granted, there are no guarantees that the concessions will be renewed or that the price of the concession or the yearly canon will be within reason. The fact remains that one is not purchasing property but is simply "leasing" it with absolutely no title. Therefore, one must be willing to accept the risk inherent in any such endeavor. In fact, official correspondence of 10 May 1995, from the Attomey General's office to the Municipality of Golfito, explicitly states that these concessions are temporary and precarious (Bulgareilli, 1995).