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Strategies for getting the most out of parent-teacher conferences!

Parent-teacher conferences at our school are this week and it has me thinking about ways that parents of children with speech and language delays can make the best of their parent teacher conferences. Here are some ideas that I have that can improve your relationship with your child’s teachers as well get you the information you need at conference time:

Parent-teacher conferences are a key way to stay informed about your child’s progress in school. Here’s how to make the
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Online Parent Teacher Conference Scheduling

School Appointments On-line is an innovative web service for scheduling parent teacher conferences without tying up valuable school administrative resources.

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It’s often easy to focus so heavily on the things your child is struggling with that you forget to talk about the positive! Ask your child’s teacher what she is doing well and make sure to praise your child later for that. Children in special education often have to focus a lot of their time on what is difficult for them. Be sure to build in some activities at home that allow your child to shine in what she does best! This will improve your child’s self-confidence and talking about it at your child’s conference will help to keep the meeting positive.

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